Nanamine Shijimi by Onaneko

Nanamine Shijimi

Shijimi Nanamine (七海音 しじみ, Nanamine Shijimi) is an UTAUloid voiced by OneDarkDeed of Youtube with artwork provided by Onaneko of DeviantART. Shijimi has very low self-esteem and is terrible at socializing. She has no confidence in herself, acts over-polite, and apologizes for everything. She's bad with people, and will often say offensive or cruel things without giving much thought. Shijimi is cynical and sarcastic and spends a lot of time alone. She prefers depressing music in varying languages and is also very morbid. Shijimi has a childish voice and deeply respects Zuii Takoe, Megurine Luka, and Kagamine Rin, dislikes Len, and is cordial and somewhat neutral towards all other UTAUloids and Vocaloids. Her signature item is a large scythe, similar to that of the Grim Reaper. Her color scheme consists of several shades of blue.
Shijimi's triphone voicebank is being produced but will not be released for some time.

Her surname, Nanamine, means "seven seas sound." Her given name, Shijimi, means "little clam."

Shijimi has a few original songs that are currently in production. Her voicebank is currently being repaired and may not be rereleased for some time.