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Hello all welcome to Shikiloid Voice provider's page I am McNeill I controll ALL organisational issues and updates this is our UTAU link for "new" up and comming voice providers for shikiloids


  1. Don't edit unless it is in the spaces specified
  2. No deleting others entry
  3. follow the format!

Voice providing opportunitys

UTAU Type of voice needed Gender needed Language samples needed Voice provider
Ringo Niji Cute high pitched voice Female What ever language you can give us perferably somthing other than Japanese N/A
Sxng-saeng Daw light monotone Male/ Female Perferably chinese or Thai N/A

Voice providing opportunity form

This space is allowed for editing and this one fill out the information bellow to the best of your abillites

Name UTAU Gender Language Where can we contact you? Voice sample link
L Ringo Niji Female Japanese Facebook (Link2)

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