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Mas hello

Pose by Aisuchuu

Hello I am 天心爱 (tian xin'ai ) I am the first edition of mmd to Shikiloid and also I am the first chinese diva in shikiloid. I try to keep up with these new advances but I would like to tell you somthing new. We now got our own small wiki for our music so I will tell the guidelines!

Also if you would like my mmd model it can be downloaded here pass: tianyiisnotme


  1. No editing this to mess up things
  2. Use our UTAU's to create the songs
  3. No video is allowed unless it includes one of our Shikiloids
  4. Contribute
Mas Rules

Pose by Asuchuu

There is a seperate list for MMD and for UTAU covers but you must use our UTAUs in this

MMD Videos using the shikiloids models

Hello I am UTAU Ben male mascot of Shikiloids I am here to introduce the shikiloids models (sorry if some people are not credited I am just starting on MMD)

Here is ben's MMD model here password is Nekonekobrown


(Link here with the date made with the shikiloid in it and get it promoted for free by shikiloids) **Put in chronological order**

UTAU Song Date Language(s) Contributed by
Ben Viva Happy day Nov. 1, 2013 Japanese McNeill
Tian Xin'ai Leave in the summer, yet your in my fluffthoughts Dec. 9, 2013 Japanese ironcloud41
Tian Xin'ai Bad Romance Dec. 14, 2013 English McNeill
Ben and Tian Xin'ai Matryoshka Dec. 14, 2013 Japanese McNeill


(Everyone is free to edit under the above rules so please contribute)**Put in chronological order**

UTAU Song Date Language(s) Contributed by
N-KUN One room all that jazz August 17, 2013 Japanese McNeill
Ben Viva Happy day Nov. 1, 2013 Japanese McNeill
Ben Ben ACT 2 V0.2 Shatter December 14,2013 Japanese/English McNeill
Ben Shake it! December 14, 2013 Japanese/Minor English McNeill
Ben Lie Dec. 14, 2013 English McNeill
Ben Artificial Child Dec. 15, 2013 Japanese McNeill

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