Shinoru Harakane
Shinoru is a mean or jerky kid. He never cared about anything but his friend Soru Kaine. Hes a type that isnt intrested in women but he isnt homosexual. He cares more about fighting and being cool. Shinoru is called shino-chan or shino-kun by Keiko Kotone but he never gets to notice when hes blushing in front of her. Shino means bamboo, Ru means to regret something, Harakane means Energy Content ( Evil at times). Shinoru's crush is really keiko kotone he doesnt show it but he does feel it. In Shinoru's mind hes a hero of japan and earth, but Hibiki Naraune doubts it.

Shinoru is friends with Hibiki Naraune, Soru Kaine, Keiko Kotone, Neku Shizune and Deon. しのの(Shinoru) and ケイ(Harakane).

Character item: Game Pod and Sword

Likes: Keiko Kotone (secretly), His friends, his sword, games and manga

dislikes: everything that gets on his nerves.

Voice Range: B3~B5

Genre: Rock and Pop

Age: 16-17

(working on voicebank coming soon)

Leave me alone..
This is the red eye shinoru he turns like this when he has his sword.

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