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Shiori Akumi

(Japanese:紫織 -  - Shiori Akumi)

美(Akumi Aku-悪 = Evil / Mi-美 =Beauty )

紫織(Shiori It's a beautiful name. 織(ori) means textile and very often used for girls names)

WEIGHT 61 kg CHARACTER ITEM Journal CREATOR Glitched-Artist [[[1]]][Youtube]
HEIGHT 170.18 CM [5'7"] VOICE SOURCE Glitched-Artist PICTURE LINK LIST [Art]
BIRTHDAY July 7th LIKES Fall, Pulling pranks, Sweets, Spicy foods, and writing in her journal MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE July 22, 2012 DISLIKES Warm Weather, Being told what to do, Storms, Loud Noises, and Her pranks failing SIGNATURE SONG none
PERSONALITY: Akumi is pretty energetic and kind. She is nice to people she knows and will usually try her best to be nice to people she first meets, though sometimes she comes off as rude, though she will apologize immedietly if she upsets someone. Normally, it is rare for her to be upset, though she does get upset when people mention her past, though if she is mad.. She won't hesitate to point out ones mistakes or times they have hurt her, she also tends to gain a bit of a potty mouth. Akumi is also known to become easily jealous, though she would do whatever it takes to make sure no one notices it.

Akumi's Story So Far:

Akumi was an UTAU that was created for a families entertainment though after a few weeks of having her they all abandoned her leaving her all alone. Though as time passed she managed to entertain/sing for other people and live a decent life, It wasn't long till she forgot about her past creators, though everynow and then she would remember which would cause her sound files to glitch out temporairly, it's during those times she writes in her journal to tell people that she is unable to speak at the moment.

Character Design 

  • Hair: She has short slightly messy dark purple hair.
    Akami Shiori
  • Eyes: she has golden colored eyes, that have hints of red in it.
  • Headset: She has a white headset that have the colors purple and magenta.
  • Left and Right Arm/hand: She normally wears black colored gloves
  • Outfit: She is seen wearing a gray button shirt, along with a Dark gray pair of shorts. On top, of that she wears a grayish purple vest, along with a light purple tie. She is also seen wearing boots.
  • Underwear: She wears a normal pair of matching dark purple bra and panties


  • Under her right arms sleeve there is an 07
  • Most of the time her pranks don't fail
  • She loves to wear face paint
  • She has a fear of thunder

Rules and Usage Clause


  • Do not claim my UTAULOID as your own.
  • Do not impersonate the creator.
  • Do not genderbend the vocals, without my permission
  • Do not use my UTAULOID for anything illegal or offensive to others.
  • I will not hold responsibility if incidents occur.
  • Don't use my UTAULOID with out my permission[this means rp sites must ask for my permission]

Voicebank & Songs

  • You do not need permission to use the UTAULOID.
  • Please put the name of the UTAULOID if she is used in any of your works.
  • Do not use my UTAULOID for commercial purposes unless you have obtained permission from me.


  • Roleplaying as her is not allowed

Fanfiction/Games/Manga/Comics/Fan Art

  • You may use the character in such works without permission from the creator. (Just be sure to inform me first)


Shiori Akumi VB Download

Author Notes

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character, Glitched-Artist. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.


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