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(Japanese: 不知火 ちさ)
不知火 (means 'Phosphorescent light'; ち from Chi or Blood for her eyes)
TYPE: BRIGHTAULOID - (BRIGHTAULOID ('Bright ; 明るい ; BRIGHTAULOID ; 明るLOID) - Adapted from Akarui (明るい) into AkaruLoid ( 明るLOID')



Hitone Yokina - Senior

AGE 16 GENRE Slow, Harmony , Blues HOMEPAGE Puyurin's Blog
WEIGHT 99 lbs (43 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dark Chocolate (He loves the taste.) CREATOR Puyurin
HEIGHT 165 cm (He's slightly more on the short side.) VOICE SOURCE Puyurin PICTURE LINK LIST



BIRTHDAY February 2, 1997 LIKES Soybean Milk, Dark Chocolate, Almond MEDIA LIST ,
RELEASE DATE February 2, 2013 DISLIKES White Chocolate SIGNATURE SONG Sleeping Beauty

PERSONALITY:Chisa appears to be a silent-but-cheerful girl. She doesn't like communicating or socializing with strangers or people who she just met.But Chisa can shows her cheerful-ness throught her friends,like Hitone. Chisa likes to be serious when singing but not forget to smile while singing because she knows that smile is important when singing ,so people can smile too,that's what she thought.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Brown

Headgear: Headphones and Two Ring-like hair accessories.

Eye color: Blood red

Headphones: White wih half diamond shape, Blue lights and Red lights.

Dress: A Gown-like dress with blue to green gradation colors and star sparkles on the bottom of the dress, also wearing a transparent rubber-material Scarf and white frill arm warmers

Nationality/Race: Human

Favorite phrase: "Mendokuse nai,Masuta"

Voice Configuration

Chisa is designed with Japanese language only, She may be can sing english but not really good/fluent.

Until now,Chisa is still CV (Clear and Bright version) which has a very clear, and soft voice than before.

Her VCV is still on the (pending)progress.

Usage Clause

It IS stricted to redistribute Chisa's VoiceBank without permission.

Chisa is free to use with this rules:

  1. No Redistribution
  2. Don't make Chisa join your RP world
  3. Not for commercial use
  4. You can make her duet with your UTAU and you can PM me the result 

Here is Chisa's Voicebank(Clear and Bright CV)


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