(Japanese: 白 雪 - Shiro Yuki

NAME INTERPRETATION: 白 (Shiro; white. Probably referring to his innocence. He's just an innocent boy who is hurt by some things from his past.)
雪 (Yuki; snow. Probably a reference to the innocence again.)

TYPE: Yuniloid
MODEL: Yuniloid-16 - The sixteenth Yuniloid.
all other Yuniloids
Hikari Hime (adopted little sister)
Uta Sekai (adopted father)
Kosei Utahime (adopted mother) 
AGE 16 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Official Yuniloid Blog
WEIGHT 110 lbs/49.89 kg (He is skinny for a guy, as he has a naturally thin frame, and he doesn't eat a lot, because his disorder makes him not want to eat. He is in the 5th percentile for BMI, which is just barely above underweight. He thinks he's fat too, so this factor also contributes to his weight.) CHARACTER ITEM Earbuds CREATOR Yunikōn-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'7 ft/173.73 cm VOICE SOURCE Yunikōn-P PICTURE LINK LIST Art to be added.
BIRTHDAY September 16, 1997 LIKES His sister Hikari Hime (not in a creepy way), and his music. MEDIA LIST To be added.
RELEASE DATE None yet. (Shiro Yuki is a WIP UTAUloid.) DISLIKES His biological father, being touched, his mental disorders, when people speak lightly of mental disorders, depression, rape and suicide, being called 'emo', and most things. (He has bad depression, so he doesn't really like that many things). SIGNATURE SONG None Yet.
PERSONALITY:As a child, he lived mostly with his father, since his mother had divorced his father. His father abused him physically and verbally. When he was 4, he got sent to an orphanage because his father had no money to take care of him anymore (as all of his money went towards buying alcohol.) He lived in the orphanage for 10 years since he was dropped off at 4. He helped cook and clean in the orphanage, since the lady who ran it was getting older. He has severe depression and schizophrenia. He doesn't talk much and says nothing of his issues to anyone. He stays in his room a lot, often just listening to music, because it helps him feel better. He has a stuffed bear named Mr. Cuddles that his mother gave to him before she died, but he never lets anyone see it, as he is embarrassed that he still needs it at 16. The only thing in his life that is really good is his little sister. He has a neutral opinion on his adopted parents, even though they love him. He loves the fact that his sister is always concerned about him. He loves kids because he was always around them at the orphanage (not in a creepy way). He's never had good luck with love and girls. The girl that he loved during his last years in the orphanage and a little while while he was living with his adopted family was murdered, but he loved her dearly. He always called her Utsukushi which means beautiful. Usually the only person he will talk to is his sister. He plays with her whenever she wants, because he wants her to have the childhood he never did. He wants her to feel loved because he knows what it feels like not to be. He takes his sister to the neighbors houses to play, but he can't drive because of the severity of his schizophrenia. Singing and writing songs are the only ways he can express his emotions. He seems cold, even mean, but he is just broken. He's a  16 year old boy that's been through more pain then most people ever will in their entire lives. He also suffers from frequent panic attacks.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Black.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Red.
Earphones: Standard white earbuds.
Dress: Wears a gray baggy hoodie and jeans. Almost never wears shoes. YL-16 is imprinted on the left side of his neck in green lettering.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Human
Favorite phrase: 、一人で私を残してください。(Please, leave me alone.)

Voice Configuration

His Voicebank is planned to be strong but 'sakebi' sounding. His Voicebank contains mostly Japanese phonemes, but there are a few English phonemes in the bank.

Usage Clause

Usage clause will be distributed with Voicebank.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

The details seen on this page are certified true and correct by the UTAU's creator, Yunikōn-P.

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