(Japanese: 静か 川音 - (Shizuka Kawane)

静か (Shizuka; quiet. Probably referring to the fact that she is quiet and has a soft voice.)
川音 (Kawane; river sound.)

TYPE: Yuniloid
MODEL: Yuniloid-11 - The eleventh Yuniloid.
all other Yuniloids
Yudaina Furutone (lover)
AGE 17 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Official Yuniloid Blog
WEIGHT 140 lbs/63.50 kg CHARACTER ITEM Blue floating keyboard (similar to that of Namine Ritsu's) CREATOR Yunikōn-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'8 ft/176.78 cm VOICE SOURCE Yunikōn-P PICTURE LINK LIST Art to be added.
BIRTHDAY December 24, 1996 LIKES Anything Yudaina Furutone likes. MEDIA LIST To be added.
RELEASE DATE None yet. (Shizuka Kawane is a WIP UTAUloid.) DISLIKES Anything Yudaina Furutone dislikes. SIGNATURE SONG None Yet.
PERSONALITY: She is very quiet and doesn't talk much, but she talks more than Yudaina does. She has a blue circle keyboard that is the same as UTAU Namine Ritsu's, except hers is removable, as it only floats around her when she wants it to. She enjoys peace and serenity, and also likes to play the flute. She is punctual just like Yudaina, but she's a more go-with-the flow type of person. She also enjoys quiet picnics.

Supplemental Information

Hair: She long blue-black hair that is about waist length. She also has an ahoge (curl) resembling those of SF-A2 miki and Utatane Piko.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: Blue.
Earphones: Pink on the top with lighter pink cherry blossoms, slowly fading to white with darker cherry blossoms.
Dress: She wears a one-sleeved dress that matches her headphones. The dress is similar to Luka's skirt. She wears red slippers with a little pink cherry blossom on the front. YL-11 is imprinted on her neck in pink lettering.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Human
Favorite phrase: 沈黙は金である。(Silence is golden.)

Voice Configuration

Shizuka's Voicebank is planned to be soft and echoey, as to compliment Yudaina Furutone's voice. Her Voicebank contains mostly Japanese phonemes, but there are a few English phonemes in the bank.

Usage Clause

Usage clause will be distributed with Voicebank.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

The details seen on this page are certified true and correct by the UTAU's creator, Yunikōn-P.

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