Shizuka oto mmd 2

Shizuka Oto MMD model


Name Meaning: Shizuka: Quiet, Oto: Sound

Type: UTAUloid

Model: None

GENDER Female Voice Range C4-C5 Related Characters Eddepoid (Friend/Crush)
Age 19 Genre Unknown Homepage
Weight 128 lbs Character Item Unknown Creator ShoShoRaven
Height 4'9 Voice Source ShoShoRaven Picture Link
Birthday November 9, 1992 Likes Being alone, silence, singing, humming, watching old movies, listening to classical music Media List
Release Date July 27, 2011 Dislikes Crowds, loud noises, over-friendly people, being touched, being in love Signature Song None
Personality: Shizuka is a really quiet person, and likes to stick to her self. She enjoys alone time at home and doesn't go out much. She only has one friend, and that she got from him pestering her with over kindness. But at some point she finally got used to him and found she actually liked his over niceness and soon began liking him more then a friend. In doing so, she won't hesitate to talk to you if he's around, but when he's not, she's more quiet then a mouse.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Bright Red

Head Gear: None

Eye Color: Bright Green

Headphones: Black Normal Ones

Dress: Light grey half button up shirt with the top few bottons undone, simple tie, long black pants and white boots.

Race: Presumably Japanese

Voice Configuration

Shizuka's voice bank can be found above but as needed, below is her voice bank, and a append.

The High Append can be used to sing opera.

Shizuka's normal Voice bank (range C4-C5):

Shizuka's High Append (range C5-C6)

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