Shizukana Chikari


(Japanese: シズカナ チカリ - しずかな ちかり - Shizukana Chikari)
静かな力 (Shizukana Chikara; Quiet Force)


MODEL: #606



Jagaimo Kyouran (Sister-like Friend, fellow Aoruloid, fellow Primary)

Jagaimo Himei (Best Friend, Crush, fellow Aoruloid)

Fuhai Teki (Birdwatching Buddy, fellow Aoruloid)

Miryoku Tekiro (Is annoyed by, fellow Aoruloid, fellow Primary)

Churitsu Madaaku (Dislikes, fellow Aoruloid)

Nakasone Makoto (Friend)

AGE 15 GENRE Rock, Pop, or anything else Upbeat HOMEPAGE

EA's UTAU and Vocaloid


WEIGHT 102 lbs (46 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Jawbreakers CREATOR EnigmaticAgitator
BIRTHDAY July 1 LIKES Quiet things, like reading books or bird-watching. She’s also very good at writing, and occasionally skateboards. MEDIA LIST TUMBLR YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE February 19, 2014 DISLIKES Anything loud and annoying, crowds, heights. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Chikari is quite apathetic, and has a quiet personality. However, when singing or choosing to get a point across, she’s extremely loud. She’s quite soft-spoken and doesn’t care much for anything, and normally has an apathetic look on her face and a majour kuudere personality. Although she doesn’t show it, she is extremely affectionate.

Supplemental Information

Hair Colour: Bright Red

Eye Colour: Light Grey

Headphones: Black, worn the majority of the time

Outfit: A maroon shirt with a white doubled collar.  Black half vest with a grey trim and white buttons down the fold.  Black skirt with grey trim.  Maroon flats with grey legwarmers.

Nationality: Japanese with German background

Catchphrase: 私はこれを十分に持っていた. (I've had enough of this.)

Chikari and her counterpart, Jagaimo Himei are complete opposites in looks.

Himei has natural silver hair that's parted to right and kept in one low ponytail with bright red eyes, whereas Chikari has naturally bright red hair with bangs that's kept in two high pigtails with silver eyes.  Also, Himei is Green, whereas Chikari is Red.

Voice Configuration

CV Voicebank 1.0: DOWNLOAD

VCV Voicebank: Suspended for now, having oto problems

CV Append

  • Dark - WIP
  • Cold - WIP
  • Velvet - WIP

VCV Append

  • Dark - Suspended
  • Cold - Suspended
  • Velvet - Suspended

CV English: WIP

CV French - WIP

Terms of Use

- Please do not redistribute or use this UTAU to make profit without my permission.

- Do not claim Chikari as your own

- No permission is needed for download

- If used, please put her name in the title

- Make sure to credit me if used

- Oto editing is allowed, but do not redistribute your edited version

- Do not use her samples in other voicebanks

- Do not use Chikari in anything triggering or illegal


  • When Kyouran was called Host Club in school once, Chikari helped her by dressing up as Mori.
  • Chikari can't draw to save her life
  • As opposed to her counterpart, Chikari is extremely calm and composed.
  • Chikari gets very loud when talking about birds.
  • Kyouran and Chikari always have tea parites together


  • Chikari in Liar BettyGo to Link
  • Reference Picture/Concept ArtGo to Link
  • Image for Voicebank
  • Shizukana Chikari ChibiGo to DA Link
  • o boi look at these bffls so hot ima diGo to If you really want to

Here is an assortment of photos that consist of her.  Feel free to draw her if you want, and I can put the picture up here.


UTAU COVER Fluticasone Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari03:31

UTAU COVER Fluticasone Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari

Fluticasone (Chikari is the low part)

【UTAU Newcomer】Tokyo Teddy Bear【Shizukana Chikari】 VB Download03:12

【UTAU Newcomer】Tokyo Teddy Bear【Shizukana Chikari】 VB Download

Tokyo Teddy Bear - First Cover

【UTAU COVER】 Invisible 【Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari】-003:39

【UTAU COVER】 Invisible 【Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari】-0

Invisible - Jagaimo Kyouran V2 and Shizukana Chikari

This article was written for this UTAU by her creator. The things written here are subject to change at any time. Please do not change any of the information without my consent

Outer Science - Shizukana Chikari03:37

Outer Science - Shizukana Chikari

Child's Garden - Shizukana Chikari04:26

Child's Garden - Shizukana Chikari

first. Thanks!

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