First character 「終」 means last, and the second character 「陰」 means shadow. So it means The Last Shadow.
TYPE: Shinigami
No relationships.
AGE 16 GENRE Ballad and soft songs. -Waiting for next VoiceBanks for a proper use in other genres-. HOMEPAGE Official Website
WEIGHT 78kg CHARACTER ITEM Scythe. CREATOR ・サイヲ・ Project
HEIGHT 182cm VOICE SOURCE ・サイヲ・ Project PICTURE LINK LIST Official Art
BIRTHDAY September 2 LIKES Death and coffee. Lolitas and cats make him fall in love. MEDIA LIST Gallery
RELEASE DATE September 2, 2016 DISLIKES Sweet and annoying people. SIGNATURE SONG He has not a Signature Song
ADDITIONAL INFO: He is a Shinigami that practices "humanly" as a priest of Sensoji Jinja. He is also an homosexual shinigami who is a deserter from his native temple.

Shuuin is ・サイヲ・ Project UTAU, he is a shinigami that practices as a priest.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Dress: He wears a black cape with a hat decorated with gold and tied with a gold rope. Under this he wears a black jacket with a hat too. He wears a shirt fastened with gold buttons and above a vest with sleeves protruding from the jacket. About the trousers, they are long and simple, and they are hidden by a traditional style boots. As detail has belt, it is a gold rope and glass spheres with the kanjis of shinigami「死神」.
Nationality/Race: Shinigami



ーYami no Naka ni Shiー

It is a VoiceBank that has been recorded in one pitch, C3. It was aliased as CVVC, and it has a 「弱」to make possible the union with other VoiceBank type CVVC, that gives you the chance to use more than one type of voice.

It may be added a F3 scale for an optimal singing in high ranges.

It is a soft voice, is intended for low-pitched or slow/ballade songs. Recommended engines: TIPS, moresampler, EFB-GT, tn_fnds and resampler. Notably, it does not sound quite good with bkh01 and fresamp14.

Download Link:

Demo Songs:

Usage Clause

Without Permission Commercial Use of Voicebank or Character Allowed?

Commercial use is possible with the rights that were obtained by making previously contact with・サイヲ・. There is a '.txt' into the VoiceBanks named '連絡先.txt' that has many ways to contact him.

With Permission Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices?

Yes. Even you have to ask for create derivatives characters or voices.

-Acording to the law, use the VoiceBank for criminal purposes and illegal sites, etc., is strictly prohibited..-

-Redistribution is prohibitedBut if the VoiceBanks becomes impossible to get, ask ・サイヲ・ Project for the possibility of redistribution.-

-Modification of the original sound processing and original sound settings, such as pitch change and noise removal does not care if you read and followed the rules above.-

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed.
  • Sexual representation is allowed, as long as the legal age limit is observed.

Author's petition

  • When uploading a work using Shuuin, please give the necessary credits to ・サイヲ・ Project.
  • No responsability can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this VoiceBank.

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