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First character 「終」 means last, and the second character 「陰」 means shadow. So it means The Last Shadow.
TYPE: Shinigami
Akakurone, he made him.
AGE 16 GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Official Website
WEIGHT 78kg CHARACTER ITEM Scythe. CREATOR ・サイヲ・ Project
HEIGHT 182cm VOICE SOURCE ・サイヲ・ Project PICTURE LINK LIST Official Art
BIRTHDAY September 2 LIKES Death and coffee MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE September 2, 2016 DISLIKES Unknown SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Currently unavailable.

Shuuin is ・サイヲ・ Project UTAU, he is a shinigami that practices as a priest.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Dress: He wears a black cape with a hat decorated with gold and tied with a gold rope. Under this he wears a black jacket with a hat too. He wears a shirt fastened with gold buttons and above a vest with sleeves protruding from the jacket. About the trousers, they are long and simple, and they are hidden by a traditional style boots. As detail has belt, it is a gold rope and glass spheres with the kanjis of shinigami「死神」.
Nationality/Race: Shinigami



ーYami no Naka ni Shiー

It is a VoiceBank that has been recorded in one pitch, C3. It was aliased as CVVC, and it has a 「弱」to make possible the union with other VoiceBank type CVVC, that gives you the chance to use more than one type of voice.

It may be added a F3 scale for an optimal singing in high ranges.

It is a soft voice, is intended for low-pitched or slow/ballade songs. Recommended engines: TIPS, moresampler, EFB-GT, tn_fnds and resampler. Notably, it does not sound quite good with bkh01 and fresamp14.

Download Link:

Demo Songs:

Usage Clause

Without Permission Commercial Use of Voicebank or Character Allowed?

Commercial use is possible with the rights that were obtained by making previously contact with・サイヲ・. There is a '.txt' into the VoiceBanks named '連絡先.txt' that has many ways to contact him.

With Permission Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices?

Yes. Even you have to ask for create derivatives characters or voices.

-Acording to the law, use the VoiceBank for criminal purposes and illegal sites, etc., is strictly prohibited..-

-Redistribution is prohibitedBut if the VoiceBanks becomes impossible to get, ask ・サイヲ・ Project for the possibility of redistribution.-

-Modification of the original sound processing and original sound settings, such as pitch change and noise removal does not care if you read and followed the rules above.-

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed.
  • Sexual representation is allowed, as long as the legal age limit is observed.

Author's petition

  • When uploading a work using Shuuin, please give the necessary credits to ・サイヲ・ Project.
  • No responsability can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this VoiceBank.

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