Silver Risago Full body

Silver Risago is an updated version of Risago Suruke

His name interpretation is:

  • Silver: The Silver color
  • Risago: Alias of the creator

He is shy, quiet, easily distracted and very intelligent.

Gender Male

Gold Amy (female counterpart)

Sake Kawaita (friend)

Riki León (friend)

Yuki (friend)
Shouji Hitoshi (friend)

Haruhiko Michea (friend)

Kaotik (friend)

Age 18
LIKES Drawing, pokémon, videogames.
Colours Black, White, Blue
Animal Polar Bear
Group Wild UTAU
Accesories Scraf, gloves
Web page SilverUTAU

DAYoutube Twitter

Languages Spanish, Japanese, Korean and English
Voice DL

Silver Risago V.1 CV/VCV


Wan Wan O

Panda Hero

I = Fantasy

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown

Headgear: None

Eye color: Silver.

Earphones: Black and blue, The blue part shine.

Dress: Blue and white shirt, Black pants, the blue lines in the pants shine and white shoes.

Nationality/Race: Mexican

Sounds Better With BR0



  • WIP - MMD Model of Silver
  • Silver Full body

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