Sirena box art 001

meaning of name


(umi) 海 for "oceon"

音(oto) for "sound"

"sirena"(シリーナ) means "mermaid" in spanish

likes art, Kikuo-p, Si-ku, choir, creepypasta, scary songs, 
dislikes pollution, people easily scared, SJW
gender female
related characters

Sozo ryoku(singing partner,best childhood friend, voice)

Adamarys(her mermaid self,creator,friend)

Kikuo (inspirer)

character item clam, baseball bat
weight Around 122 lb.
height around 5'3 feet

suplemental imformation

hair color;green blending into pink or yellow

eye color; yellow

headgear;earphones made out of clams, goggles, some times a cap


outfit; Any clothings

favorite phrase; N/A


sirena is a mermaid that by her will,she can turn into a human. She is influence by Kikuo's music and enjoys Si-ku's art. Not much is known about Sirena except that she swims around Japan and enjoys scary things.

She is on the same boat as Neru Akita(actually voiced by Hatsune Miku) since Sirena have Sozo-Ryoku's voicebank. 


She basically have the same voicebanks as Sozoryoku. At least it can be high-pitched. 

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