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This article is intended for people English speaking users (however it could be useful for others too).

When browsing the web looking for a voice bank, tutorials, or whatever it may be eventually you are going to encounter a page that is not in your native language. I highly doubt that you want to learn an entire new language just to browse a website that you cannot read/understand.

The Solution

Luckily for you the internet is here! (if you are viewing this then that should be blatantly obvious)

Option 1: Use an online translator. Google Translate for instance allows you to copy and paste the url and then click on it for the translated version. Below is a small demonstration...



Please note: translators (on the web) are helpful, but do not always work 100% correctly (example(s): bad translations, giberish, and others).

Option 2 (harder to find): find a tutorial that walks you through the site. In other words, they tell you what to press/click on because you can't understand it.

Web Translators

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