Sky Yuzuki


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Sky Yuzuki


Name Meaning:Yuzuki:Tender Moon (Sky Yuzuki isn't related to the Vocaloid, Yuzuki Yukari. Her last name, Yuzuki was inspired by a anime called Chobits)

Sky:The first part of her name (Sky) came from a Youtuber called 'SkyDoesMinecraft'. Type:Persoloid/Mineloid



Voice Range:Unknown

Related Characters:Ender Flamelox (Friend and also a Persoloid/Mineloid)

Age: Persocom (Since she's a persocom, Sky doesn't have a actual age but she's supposed to be 16 years old)


Homepage: N/A

Weight: 90lb

Character Item:Amulet


Voice Source:Unknown

Birthday:January 16

Likes:Singing,the color yellow,being with her true love

Signature Song:I Wish You a Happy Death

About:Sky Yuzuki is a Persocom that was programmed to sing. Some people wonder why her name is Sky. But she wants to keep that to herself because her name is also the name of her true love. When someone finds out about it,Everyone knows who her true love is. But Sky doesn't really care if anyone knows. Sky is the only Persocom that can sing and she thinks that she's unique because of that.

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