WynturStorm: "So I talked to your voice provider and she changed her mind. You are now allowed to be distributed under certain circumstances." Snow: "Thanks you master."


Name: Snow Utanen

Name interpretation: Snow- a random name that WynturStorm and Snow's voice provider felt fit her voice. Utanen- Uta- Song. ne-sound and the N at the end. Snow Song sound

resembles the Voice Provider's last name, which also ends in a N.

I=Nightmare UTAU Snow Utanen02:13

I=Nightmare UTAU Snow Utanen


Type: SHASTALOID Model: 05

Voice range: C4 to C5 Alto

Gender: Female

Related Characters: Kuro Utanen (Younger Brother.), Star Utanen (Younger sister),  Neko Utanen (Younger brother.), Shadow Utanen.(Younger Sister),Storm Otone (friend.). 

(Fellow SHASTALOIDS,  Neko isn't released yet.)

Age: 19

Genre: Any. Perferbly softer songs.


Weight: ???

Character Item:???

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki.

Height: ???

Voice Source: Shadowstar1021 on Youtube's older sister..

Picture link List:

Birthday: ???

Likes: ???

Media List:

VoiceBank Download:

Release Date: June 13

Dislikes: ??? 

Signature Song: ???

Personality: She is the loving big sister who is willing to sacrifice any thing for the safety of her younger siblings. She can seem to be over protective but it is only because she loves her younger siblings. She lost her eye sight when she saved her youngest brother Neko from kidnappers. 

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blonde

Headgear: Head phones

Eye color: Grey (Blind)

Headphones: Grey and blue

Dress: A long white coat with blue trims. White pants. Grey boots with blue cuffs.

Nationality/Race: American Shastaloid.

Favorite phrase: ????

(Better Art work to come soon. More info to come.)


This has been verified as correct by the voice provider, the character design artist and the voice bank creator. ~WynturStorm/shadowstar1021

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