【UTAU】Sakaki Snowflake - Yellow03:21

【UTAU】Sakaki Snowflake - Yellow

Snowflake is the first Utauloid belonging to the youtuber KawaiiDolls88, who recorded Snowflake herself. Snowflake has long, wavy pink hair and brown eyes. She is pictured to have a brown and pink dress, with a darker pink color for the polka dots on the skirt and the snowflake on the top part of the dress. Snowflake enjoys dolls, anime, and sweets. She is very much like a young child for her age. Snowflake is 14 years old and stands 5'1 tall. She weighs 94 lbs. VOICEBANK STRENGTHS Some of snowflake's strengths are her soft, slightly whispery voice. She can sometimes sound a bit like her voice provider at times. Her voice can also sometimes sound slightly childish.

VOICEBANK WEAKNESSES Snowflake occasionally makes strange sounds and misses certain notes. Sometimes she does not follow the melody of the song she is singing.

Snowflakes likes, dislikes, characteristics and friends.

Snowflake's best friend is Momo Momone. Another one of her close friends is Uta Utane, also known as Defoko. Her enemy is Sukone Tei. Snowflake can act shy at times, and often very Tsundere. She is very easily depressed. Some things she likes are sweets, dolls, anime, sweet lolita fashion, and Rozen Maiden. Snowflake looks up to the vocaloids, almost as older siblings. Snowflake dislikes Sukone Tei, ugly things, vegetables and boys.

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