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(Japanese: 無限ソング - Mugen Songu)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 無限 (Mugen) - Meaning "Infinite" or "Endless"

ソング (Songu) - Japanese variation on the word "song."

TYPE: MUGENLOID- The first of a series of utauloids. The name means "Endless-loid."MODEL: 001- The first of the series to come.

Loga・N - Friend

Miki Utsuku - Friend, Mugenloid

Tsux Namine - Best friend, duet partner

AGE 14 GENRE Pop, Alternative HOMEPAGE YouTube
WEIGHT 101 lbs (45.9 kg) CHARACTER ITEM None CREATOR Di Pi Mugen (illustrator)

DiPi Mugen

BIRTHDAY October 29 LIKES Japan, Sweets, Orange Chicken, Namine Ritsu, Nekomura Iroha  MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE October 29, 2011 DISLIKES Owls, the dark, liver SIGNATURE SONGS None

PERSONALITY: At most times Songu is very kind and innocent, but rarely changes to dark and somewhat violent very quickly without warning. He doesn't like people paying too much attention but loves to sing. He has a borderline obsession with Namine Ritsu and Nekomura Iroha. He hates perverts and loves rice. His favorite country is Korea. Most of his time is spent alone watching clouds or reading books. Although he is kind, he is negative. He is convinced he will die alone in a quiet, overlooked death.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Songu only has sounds for the japanese language. It is possible to imitate english, but the results are

not very clean cut. The voicebank is in hiragana and romanji, so Songu is easier for western users to use as well as Japanese users. His voice is best used for mid-ranged songs, but has a deep undertone.

Download his act 2.1 voicebank here (same as act 2, but with a fixed oto.ini, reccomended over act 2):

Download his act 2 voicebank here:

Download his VCV here:

==Supplemental Information Edit==

Hair color:Light Blue. Headgear:None Eye color:Pale purple Headphones:None. Dress: A sleeveless black body suit with shorts instead of pants. He has detatched sleeves on his wrists and a belt around his middle section the same color of his hair with black bars on it. His shoes are boot/canvas type shoes that come up just under the knee.

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