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Sonny Belgrave

Sonny Belgrave

(Japanese: サニー・ベルグラーブ - Sonny Belgrave)


 サニー (Sonny; English: "Son of Ours".)

ベルグラーブ (Belgrave; French: Bel "Beautiful", Grave "Grove")

TYPE: UTAU, KASSYDloid (refering to my 6 UTAUs.)
MODEL: 05 (this number is located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull)

Jonetsune Daisuke (Friend / Prank Dummy)

Jonetsune Kosuke (Best Friend)

Yuki Kwon   (Friend)

Angel Red (Friend / Mothering figure)

Sensei (The stern looking one...)

AGE 22
WEIGHT 99lb//45kg CHARACTER ITEM Raccoon Plush (has two faces; Happy & Angry), Watermelon CREATOR




VOICE SOURCE REN (Personal friend of mine) CONCEPT ART N/A

26th March


His Raccoon Plush, Practical Jokes, Watermelon, Parks, Trees (he climbs them), Running, ...fried chicken...




??th ????ber 2017

DISLIKES Really loud noises, boring things, bossy people... SIGNATURE SONG & GENRE


Genre / N/A

PERSONALITY: Himedere (to anybody that swoons for him), and then otherwise just cheeky all-round~ Kosuke is sometimes the only one who can get through to him.

Generally a crafty little so-and-so, Sonny is a right little troublemaker~! He might look cute but he's a little DEMON that love practical jokes of all kinds. Luckily, Kosuke has kinda the same mindset as him and can usually catch him in the act and/or stop him before he strikes! Also, to try and avoid harsh punishment from his pranks, he gives people his, "kitten eyes" as everyone calls it~!

Other Notes:

Sonny's Raccoon Plush has two faces; a happy face and an angry face and it's not just for show. When Sonny has a tough time deciding whether or not to do a good thing or a bad thing, (e.g: whether to IGNORE someone who is trying to fight or take this piss out of his friends [Happy Face/Good Thing], OR whether to REACT and fight back possibly K.Oing them or going FULL Black Panther and mauling them at the same time [Angry Face/Bad Thing]) he will toss the toy up it the air, almost like a coin toss, and whichever side is facing up when it lands will be your fate..!

Visual Description

Hair: Shoulder length, straight/spiky. Black hair with Indigo ends; two white hair clips in left side of bangs.

Eyes: Left; Turquoise, Right; Grass Green.

Color Scheme: Purple, Pink, Black, White.

Neck Wear: None.

Top: Lilac Fashion roll neck jumper, like these: 1 and 2 With only the left sleeve remaining long (the other is short; mid upper arm length), a little, black, embroided crown motif on the bottom right side of the front of his jumper, a power gauge on his longer sleeve and a purple left brest pocket.

Arm Wear/Nails: Pink nails.

Trousers: Magenta coloured knee length shorts, folded up once/twice? at the bottoms; no belt.

Footwear: White, knee high boots with purple soles, trim and a purple teardrop shaped mark on the toe of the boots.

Headphones: None.

Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Beauty spot on left cheek near mouth, Panther tail and ears *No human ears*.

Nationality: French/Japanese

For a better idea of how he looks, follow this link:

N/A ...For the time being...

Voicebank Download

THIS VOICEBANK IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTUCTION. Sorry... I hope to have him done soon enough though... ( ;^_^)>

Terms of Use

1) Do NOT claim Sonny's voicebank as your own.

2) Please don't use his voicebank or design commercially.

3) Don't redistrubute, edit or create Fanloids of his voicebank in any way, shape, or form. 

4) Draw as much fanart of him as you want but when using him in R18 stuff, please keep it all tasteful (i.e, no drawing everything just.... OUT..!! ( O/////O) ).

5) You don't have to ask me to use him for a song. Please let me see the outcome though! X3

6) ...I might allow you to make him sing songs like "Gigantic OTN"~! (I MIGHT!! ^_^)

7) Please don't make him sing or say anything rude or offensive directed at anyone; though I doubt anyone will... (this includes religions, races, genders, sexualities, etc.)

8) Please don't RP him at any point, ever.

9) Please do NOT change his physical appearance, ever. Please don't change his clothing or hairstyle unless it is to suit a certain song.

10) When uploading anything with Sonny in it, Please don't forget to tag the upload with "Sonny Belgrave".

Other than that, Enjoy! =3

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