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(Japanese : 電圧空 - そらでなつ - Sora Denatsu)
電圧 (Denatsu; voltage, related to electricity)
(Sora; sky)
TYPE: Werewolf
NEWEST VB: Bloodmoon
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE D3~C6 RELATED CHARACTERS Asane Hana(close friend and roommate)

Haneon Akari(close friend)

Ube(close friend, travelling companion)

AGE 18 (800 werewolf years) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE OFFICAL SITE 
WEIGHT UNKNOWN CHARACTER ITEM Spiked collar, bass guitar CREATOR ragey

5'7" or 172 cm


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BIRTHDAY November 27, ???? LIKES Soft objects, beetles, exotic items, traveling to rural/barren land MEDIA LIST YouTube


RELEASE DATE December 24, 2012 DISLIKES Rain, ocean, coffee, populated areas SIGNATURE SONG 空閒⇔Formation
PERSONALITY: A tomboy werewolf bound to only cause trouble. Has a habit of chasing away other animals, and enjoys traveling to distant lands. Due to her fearless nature, she can become very reckless and break things a lot. It seems that she doesn't understand emotion too well, often resorting to short temper.

Supplemental Information

Sora full

Hair color: Dyed pink
Eye color: Golden
Accessories: Spiked collar, goggles and headband, real wolf ears
Nationality/Race: Japanese descendant
Favorite phrase: "Bring on the thunder!"                                                                                                  

Voice Configuration

The only language that Sora currently supports is Japanese. All voicebanks are supported with hiragana aliases.

More information about the voicebanks can be seen in the official website here

Latest Voicebanks:

RADIANT(2014): download

ORCHID(2014): download

MERRY(2014): download

RAGE(2013): download

ESTELLE(2013): download

Usage Clause

1. Do not redistribute. Please use the download link made by the creator to download her.

2. Do not claim ownership of this character and her voicebank.

3. Do not create songs in any way that include any slander, racism, or anything that infringes the rights of a person or group of people.

4. Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character.  

5. She is not for commerical use. Please contact the creator if you wish to do so. 

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