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(Japanese: 安空 - Yasu Sora)
安 (Yasu; Peaceful) - As in 安心, 安全.
空 (Sora; Sky)
His name put together means 'Peaceful Sky' Referring to how his voice in some songs can be considered peaceful.
MODEL: RYL01' - It's tattooed right in the middle of Sora's back.

Yami Ryone (Often paired up in songs. )

Yasu Mori - Elder brother.

Hikui Kikoeru - His wife... she's really a cutie!!

AGE 19 GENRE Screamo, Grudge, Classical HOMEPAGE Voicer's YT channel (Official YouTube account)
WEIGHT 115 lbs (52 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Puffy White Jacket CREATOR PrinceCosplay
BIRTHDAY December 14, 1990 LIKES The cold, snow, long hair, bad puns, magic, friends, singing MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBESOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE Febuary 8, 2010 DISLIKES Practically anything else. SIGNATURE SONG Would you marry me?

PERSONALITY: Yasu Sora is a strange guy, that's for sure. He's a bit on the shy side, usually sitting out of conversations and waiting until people talk to him before he speaks up. Some think he hides his eyes under his hair /because/ he's shy but really, it's more of a fashion thing. Though recently, as his hair grows, he's been putting it up in ponytails and parting it to the side to show off at least one eye. He seems a bit of an anti-social jerk, being so quiet all of the time, but once he's comfortable around you, his true colors show. Really, he's a huge sweetheart, and a bit of a dork. He likes really bad puns and pulling terrible jokes on people, and sometimes he likes to try to pull of magic tricks to impress others; But he ends up messing those up. He's extremely protective of those close to him, and he'd throw himself in front of a bus if it meant saving them. He's a little clingy to people, so he really tries hard to keep the relationships he has. He even acts a bit distant when he's in relationships at first, because he's scared his real personality would throw his significant other off and cause them to leave him.

Character's Past

Yasu Sora was at first made just to be a fun rping character. But his creator decided to make him a little more known so he made him into an UTAU in December, 2009. He never posted him on youtube until two months later though. He is a fun loving guy and he likes to hide his personality so people can't figure him out as easily.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Naturally blond but badly dyed blue. Purple streak in the front. (VCV NEO APPEND: light purple, white tips.)
Accessory: Something dumb probably
Eye color: Icy blue
Earphones: N/A (VCV NEO: Just a normal headset.)
Dress: A long, puffy white jacket that reminds him of a marshmallow, grey jeans, black boots. (ACT 3 FRAGILE: A white long sleeve, long grey scarf, purple skinny jeans, black boots. ACT THREE STRONG: White open vest jacket with purple border lines, black jeans, brown shoes. VCV NEO: Light blue turtleneck, bandages up his right arm, fingerless gloves with blue eyeballs on the back of them, grey vest with light blue pinstripes, brown booty shorts that are rolled up, brown pinstriped leggings, grey overknee boots with working equalizers. Bandage on face. Headphones. )
Nationality/Race: Japanese/American ('cause his creator was a stupid weeaboo when he was made AND ITS 6 YEARS TOO LATE TO CHANGE HIS NAME)

Voice Configuration

Sora is Japanese with 6 Voice Banks. OTOs Configured in Hiragana and Romaji.


ACT1: [2]

ACT 2: Video Link (ACT 2 will never be for download, the VB was lost due to computer problems)



VCV PLAIN: Video Link



  • Sora's body is tattooed all over with a purple vine like pattern. (The creator nixed it with his newest voice and onward, because it's "annoying to draw and honestly looks kind of tacky". It's been replaced with a single bandage on his cheek, as if something happened to get rid of it.)
  • Sora's design is actually based off his creator's own looks before he dyed his hair again.
  • Sora and his pitchbend Miyako are twins and love to sing together.
  • Sora, at first, mistook Yami for a young girl and fell in love with him. He later found out that Yami was male, so now when he's around him, he often feels awkward.
  • His wife is/was Hikui Kikoeru!
  • When Sora was first created, the creator had his bangs covering his eyes because he was obsessed with the style at the time. It's since changed, with the older the creator has gotten but he recently brought the look back, as a homage to Sora's original design.

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