(Japanese: スペイン語ニップル - すぺいんごにぷる - Supeingo Nippuru)
ALIAS: Rue Lee - (Actual Name)
Nothing (Nothing; Nothing) - Nothing
TYPE: Nippeloid - (The nipple of the UTAUs)
MODEL: All the models - (Everything)
GENDER Nipple (That's what she said) VOICE RANGE All the ranges (He brings all the boys to the yard) RELATED CHARACTERS

Sub-Zero (Nipples Sempai)

Kieran Valeford (Titford, loves his tits)

Hiro Shishiza (Recognizes as Master)

Juno Hiyama (Secret Lover)

Liliya (Secret Lover)

Every UTAU's Nipples (Has an undying love for)

Hatsune Miku (Idoru)

AGE All the ages (Everything) GENRE All the genres HOMEPAGE Creator's dA
WEIGHT All the weights (E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) CHARACTER ITEM Nipple Clips CREATOR Zero09Ike
HEIGHT 11'11" (363 cm) (Tallest dude ever) VOICE SOURCE Sonictheunknown PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, GOOGLE IMAGE
BIRTHDAY December 69, 6969 LIKES Nipples, Hard nipples, Getting hard nipples, getting other people nipples hard. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 1, 2013 DISLIKES Nippless people. SIGNATURE SONG Every sexual song
PERSONALITY: Mysterious/Enigmatic, though underneath is the biggest pervert of them all. Has an undying nipple fetish. Can't speak english to save his life, but everything that has to do with human's private parts, he knows it quite well. Mostly doesn't speak.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown
Headgear: Nothing
Eye color: ???
Earphones: ???
Dress/Outfit: See Concept Art
Nationality/Race: Spanish/Nippel

Voice Configuration

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

Download his VB here

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