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Spiralbound is an UTAU group consisting of the UTAUloids used in the currently in-development surreal-horror game of the same name. This group also serves to feature a variety of voice types. This group may be expanded to accommodate the entrance of new UTAUloids of a similar theme upon both the request of the UTAUloid's creator and the approval from Spiralbound's manager. Spiralbound is currently managed by Machine (aka ClearlyMachine or SentientMachine) and co-managed by Greendoor (aka TinyLordHelix). Those with questions regarding Spiralbound should contact Machine,

Below is a list of the current and upcoming UTAUloids of Spiralbound.

Chatter [CURRENT][VP: Machine]

Elky [CURRENT][VP: Myth]

Rylan Mercier [CURRENT][VP: Machine]

Desuka [CURRENT][VP: Greendoor]

Conrad Kenning [UPCOMING][VP: ClockworkCourier]

Ana [UPCOMING][VP: MollyTheCoolCat]

Lyra Winter [UPCOMING][VP: suikyatto]

Note [CURRENT][VP: Greendoor]

Souka [UPCOMING][VP: suikyatto]

Aiden Mercier [UPCOMING][VP: Greendoor]

Avis [UPCOMING][VP: ClockworkCourier]

Amelia Chandler [UPCOMING][VP: Machine]

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