02 star transparent by shadowstar1021-d6oyvlu

Star's new design

Star. "Yay! My turn! My turn!"

WynturStorm. "Star, Star, calm down."

Basic Infomation 

Name interpretation: Star means Star.... Utanen, a mix of Uta and ne meaning Song Sound when put together. The N was added to it as an extra letter. Star Song Sound.


Model: 04 (On her upper thigh.)

Gender: Female 

Voice Range: Sopprano 

Related Characters:Kuro Utanen (Older brother), Shadow Utanen (Older sister), Neko Utanen (Older brother), Snow Utanen (Older sister) and  Storm Otone (Friend.). ( Neko isn't done yet. We are currently having a little bit of troubles with his voice provider.)

Age: 10  
I=Fantasy UTAU Star Utanen03:47

I=Fantasy UTAU Star Utanen

Genre: Pop,anything upbeat  


Weight: 75lb 

Character Item: A teddy bear with a purple bow on its head.  

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki. 

Height: 4'6"  

Voice Source: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki. 

Picture link List: deviantart

Birthday: May 5  

Likes: Pandas, colorful things, singing, playing pranks,dancing, playing with her siblings, candy.     

Media List: youtube

Release Date: May 18.  

Dislikes: Bullies, mean people, haters, getting yelled at, being left out, people making fun of her family. 

Signature Song: Pon Pon Pon 

Personality: Star is a bubbly, cheerful little girl. She enjoys playing pranks on her siblings. She loves to sing with her siblings, especially Kuro. Shadow really doen't like her singing with her due to her immature voice. Star still tries to.

Voice Configurations.  

ACT 01

ACT 02

ACT 03

ACT 04

ACT 05 paste link. This is actually ACT 07)

Star ENGLISH is also in mind. But won't be done for a while. I need to find Kuro's ENGLISH first.....

Supplememtal Information

Hair color: Dark Blonde to light brown. Short, above her shoulders. A bizzare shaped cowlick on the right side of her head at her hair split.(Based of of shadowstar's/WynturStorm's cowlick. Yes it looks that weird.) 

Headgear: None.

Eye color: Light, grey-blue.

Headphones: Pink and black earpiece. The black part is covered by her hair... 

Dress: An orange sleeveless top that extends down to about her knees. 

Nationality/Race: American Shastaloid. 

Favorite phrase: "Let's play a game." Star is a cheerful, outgoing, and mischivious. You can never really predict what "Game" You will be playing. 


All the information above is accurate as of July 13th, 2013.

~WynturStorm. (Shadowstar1021.) 

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