World is Mine UTAU Storm Demo04:11

World is Mine UTAU Storm Demo

05 storm otone by shadowstar1021-d6uyz7m

WynturStorm: "Hey Stormy! So me and your voice provider were talking and she said you can be distributed Like Star and the Twins."

Storm: "YAY" *Hugs WynturStorm.*


Name: Storm Otone 

Name interpretation: Storm- A name the voice provider really likes. Otone. Oto- sound, ne- sound. Storm sound sound. Thunder? 


Model: Otone 01 (SHASTALOID 04)

Voice range: C4-C5 Alto 

Gender: Female 

Related Characters: Shadow Utanen (Best friend.) Kuro Utanen ("Friend") Star Utanen (Friend) Snow Utanen (Friend) Neko Utanen (Friend) Ki Ki Otone(Older Brother) (Neko hasn't been released yet. We we are having troubles with his voice provider.) 

Age: 15 

Genre: Any. Perferbly softer songs. 


Weight: 120lb

Character Item: Grey umbrella 

Creator: shadowstar1021 on YouTube and DeviantArt. WynturStorm on Wiki. 

Height: 5' 8"

Voice Source: Shadowstar1021 on Youtube's friend.

Picture link List:

Birthday: Febuary 19

Likes: Chocolate, cooking, knitting, umbrellas, killing, crickets, singing, green, lazer pointers, cats, food, Kuro Utanen, (She'd never admit that... It drove her insane.) Rain, Storms, tornados, other people that cook.

Media List: 

VoiceBank Download:

Release Date: June 13 

Dislikes: Other girls flirting with Kuro Utanen, Kuro dating other girls, cat haters, people who don't use umbrellas, her boot getting stuck in the mud, nature hater, people that don't like Kuro, people around Kuro, people who don't like Kuro, people that don't know Kuro, People that know Kuro, people that like Kuro.

Signature Song: iNSaNiTy  

Personality: Stormy is a nice young lady, she enjoys to cook and sing. She has deep feelings for Kuro Utanen though she would never admit to it. She doesn't understand her own feeling, thus driving her insane. Lucky for her, Kuro stayed by her side. Slowly lossing himself too. 

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black

Headgear: None

Eye color: Teal

Headphones: None

Dress: Green t-shirt, blue short shorts, black boots with blue on the bottom. A grey coat over top. Blue goggles with green lens.

Nationality/Race: American Shastaloid.

Favorite phrase: "Have fun with that." She is a layed back character who really doesn't like people. Other than the Utanen five.

(Better Art work to come soon. :3 More information too.)

This has been corrected by Storm's Voice Provider, and her voice bank creator.  ;)


Usage and rules

You can draw fanart for her, as long as it is appropriate for all ages. Nothing "mature"

Her voice is designed for lower notes, she can sing higher notes. But it doesn't sound right. Her "Ra" sample is very messy.

Do not claim her as your own. Her voice, her design nothing. Me and her voice provider will find you and not even your mother will recongize you when we are done with you. Not a threat, a promise.

With all promises aside. Enjoy her and her voice. 

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