昼寝 ( Suku, love )
| colspan="6"|


MODEL: 441 [ 44 - Her lucky number, 1 - Because she thinks she is the best ]

| align="center"|GENDER

| align="center"|VOICE RANGE

C4 - C5

| align="center"|RELATED CHARACTERS

Miku Hatsune (Idol)

| align="center"|AGE
| align="center"|GENRE
| align="center"|HOMEPAGE

She hasn't got one. />|Unknown
| align="center"|CHARACTER ITEM
|Chocolate Cupcake
| align="center"|CREATOR
|Loladecola9 (ME)
| align="center"|HEIGHT
| align="center"|VOICE SOURCE
| align="center"|PICTURE LINK LIST
| align="center"|BIRTHDAY
|June 18th
| align="center"|LIKES

Being lazy.

| align="center"|MEDIA LIST
| align="center"|RELEASE DATE

She hasen't officially been released yet

| align="center"|DISLIKES

All other Utauloids, going out
| align="center"|SIGNATURE SONG
| colspan="6"|PERSONALITY: Suku can be cute, yet very lazy. Her cupcake is her signature item mainly because she believes in unhealthy eating. Because she never goes out, she weighs a lot, yet she looks thin on the outside..

==Suplemental Information==
Hair color: Red.

Headgear: None.

Eye color: Red.

Earphones: Black, with red glow. ( Is to lazy to use them though )

Dress: Unknown, her full design is incomplete.

Nationality/Race: Judging by the fact she is an otaku, probably Japanese.

Catchphrase: " Where is the kitty? "
==Voice Configuration==
Her voice is high, but she may change in her Act 2 VB, which will be recorded with a better quality mic.

OBS: She works better on higher notes.

Not avaliable, she is having her ACT 2 VB being made at the moment.

==Usage Clause==

1. You can genderbend Suku if you want, but give some credits to me :3

2. When you use Suku, please, credit me. You can make her sing any music, but please, give credits.

3. If you're going to draw, recolor or edit Suku, credit me XD

4. Don't edit her image and say her voice is yours.

5. Don' use Suku image or voice for illegal stuff

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