File-Sumire Jiyuune HS2

(Japanese: 自由音すみれ - じゆうねすみれ - Jiyuune Sumire)

自由音 (Jiyuune; Freesound)
すみれ (Sumire; Violet)

TYPE: Di-Loid - (Distaction UTAUloid)
Nadia Nagerune (Friend)
WEIGHT 129 lbs (58.5 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed Bunny Loki, or Dessert Pocky CREATOR SimplySidi
HEIGHT 5'4" feet (162.6 cm) VOICE SOURCE SimplySidi PICTURE LINK LIST


BIRTHDAY January, 24 LIKES Loki, Squirrels, Strawberries, Ice-skating Winter, Luka, Wind chimes, Warm places and Pocky MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 24, 2010 DISLIKES Messy places, KAITO, bugs, falling over, and summer. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: She is actually 23 years old but she is still a kid at heart. She enjoys wearing mix matched clothes. It’s her unique style. She speaks Japanese and is learning English and Spanish. She is a sweet girl, but very selfish. If she has something she really likes she won’t share, this includes people. She loves draws pictures, but has more fun making squiggles. Usually she is lost in her own world with her best friend in the world, Loki, the stuffed bunny. She looks up to Luka, like a sister, half the time it seems like she’s stalking her. She doesn’t like being in one place for very long, but she does enjoy solitude. When she is alone that is her special time with Loki. Half the time she can barely remember where she has been. Sometimes it may seem a certain way when she plays with people but she is straight. She loves doing things with Loki, like dancing, singing and drawing.

Songs Sung

Sumire Has song a few songs like:

  • Toeto~
  • Bad Apple
  • and others

Supplemental Information

Color Scheme: Green, Purple, Black and White

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: Left Eye is Green and Right Eye is Purple

Earphones: similar design to Luka’s, but instead it crosses and lines

Dress/Outfit: A black tank-top designed like a vest with a small portion of it green. A black buttoned wrap around mini-skirt with purple jeans underneath, Right pant leg cut short. Green and purple striped socks. A pair of sneakers. A double-belt, the first belt is green and purple and the other belt solid purple with black lining. The second part of her belt glows like her headphones and collar. She wears a black long sleeve with green edges on her right arm and a black fingerless glove on her left.

Nationality/Race: Puerto Rican-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Minor Facts:

  • · She’s a Hugger, she loves hugging people to show her affection (Like, Love, ect…)
  • · If/When she is paired with another UTAU/Vocaloid, she either clings, hugs or cuddles them
  • · She loves to play
  • · She loves to sing and dance
  • · She can’t be any taller
  • · Half the time she doesn’t get jokes
  • · She is always straight

Usage Clause:

  • The creator of this UTAU character does not allow use of her existing/official artwork or use of her name or persona for any roleplay purposes.
  • · The creator of this UTAU also does not allow the voicebank to be used in productions or any song that has extremely explicit/controversial lyrics without permission.


Please use Sumire at your own discretion.
The details seen here may be subject to change.

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