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Superdude (2015) Official Art by: Soba

Superdude is my Mascot OC for the Acemaster name and is like the son I may have in the future. He has been in alot of Stories, Music covers (UTAU), etc.

This Page is for the UTAU Voicebank....known as Your Scarlet Haired Mexican Teen Heart-Throb in the UTAU community.

Supplemental Info

Name Superdude Voice provider: Rafael Tristan (Acemaster) Good Duet Partners:
Age 21 (Voice Provider:18) Author: Acemaster


  • Caring
  • Happy-Go-Lucky
  • Romantic
  • Single
Gender: Male
Character item Guitar Pick voice range:
  • E#3-C4 (V-Series)
  • F#2-A3 (V2-Series)
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Monster (Energy Drink)
  • Mexico
  • Metal (Genre)
  • Dubstep (Genre)
  • Romantic things
starter song :
Love Is War Superdude cover04:09

Love Is War Superdude cover

Love Is War (his cover in raw state)

  • Being Single
  • Rejection

V-Series (Generation 1: FL-O1)

Superdude's starter bank.....It sounds terrible without the TIPS resampler CV-VC Japanese 


Append Dark: 

V2-Series (Generation 2: FL-01 V2)

802922 fd6b62cb460d4a1a9cc9eaa6fe3f5278

An overall improvement from Gen1 CV-VC Japanese with Spanish capabilites


NextGEN (Coming Soon)

The Next Generation Superdude voicebank is in development a beta version of the voicebank will be recorded and release soon.



Superdude V1 concept Art

Drawing class portfolio drawing by acemasterpublishing-d8f5apk

A more detailed Hand-Drawn version of Superdude

Height: 7'0'' (pretty tall)&#x2630

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair color: Scarlet

headset: Yamaha Pro 500(Acemaster-P does not sponsor nor is  a part of Yamaha)

Headset color:Blue (the only color availible at the time other than black')

Related Characters

All of Acemaster's UTAUloids are a part of one big pseudo-story and have some sort of relationship with each other.

Ace Masters: Superdude sees Ace as a real laid back guy with nothing to worry about. Superdue envys him.Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Brandy: Morns over her loss, Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Jorge Cruz: Secretly escapes from time to time for a private Jam Session (Shh... Don't tell Willhelm), Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Isabella Cruz: Close Friend, Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Pikane: Superdude's brother, fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Willhelm Robertson: Superdude has taken him under his wing as his Sensei on being a true Ladies' Man, Fellow Acemaster-P UTAUloid

Kasane Teto: Had to appologize for Willhelm's actions and Teto politely shared her French Bread with Willhelm.

Lelias Meleven: Had to steer Willhelm away from her and told Willhelm to show some respect for her due to the fact that Superdude and lelias were good friends and duet partners


(Based off of Superdude upcoming V3 voicebank)


1.Don't Redistribute any part of this Acemaster V-series UTAUloid in anyway shape or form without permission.


3. OTO fixes are allowed as long as it improves voice quality (Send me the edited OTO to me Please)

4.No real song restrictions-If it is R-18 in nature please for the sake of all things good in the world make it decent.

5.If any hentai is made with Superdude.....again make it decent and not straight up morbid.

6.All material deemed indecent shall be asked to be removed by Acemaster

7.Any unapproved voice alterations (Recording over, Pitching over, Using him in Vocaloid (If found you will be forced to tell me how you did that...because I want to do that in the future.)), and claiming it as your own and made public will be asked to be taken down.

Official Art:

The Superdude official artwork (2015) was drawn by Soba (a friend of a friend that i know) and was asked by me to use as his official artwork. She did a very good job of drawing this picture and I ask that you do not use this picture at all please. If you are doing a project that requires a .png of him, then I will supply it for you. If I see that you have used without asking will be asked to take it down.

Authenticity of This Page

This page has been created by Acemaster ( and shall not be edited without prior approval from Acemaster.

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