Superdude Aria is an expirimental Multi-Pitch CV-VCV Voicebank that once required certain conditions to be met. Since then it's been a full year since making this wiki page for this and all of the prior conditions were met. However I cannot promise Superdude Aria's release will be in the near future. I have alot of things going on that needs to be done. plus I want to make a GEN-3 Superdude (Superdude V3) sometime then too. He will be first, then I will try and perfect Aria.


Legend has it that Superdude has a counterpart from an alternate Universe that he is known as an Elecroangelic Final Reality Dream spirit. He is known to use his futuristic angel-like voice to dispel lies and lead his folowers to their true destiny. Superdude intends to bring Aria to this universe in hopes that Aria will lead a group of new folowers to their destiny. Armed with his voice and his Katana that manipulates the powers of Heaven, Hell, and Reality. He is the most Powerful and Angelic addition to the Acemaster-P UTAUloid Family.

Supplemental Info

Name: Superdude Shigane-Aria

Age: 20 (All Versions) 17 (Voice Provider)

Height: 7' 2" (Taller than the original Superdude)

Weight: 160 Lbs. (Same as the original Superdude)

Model #: FL-O1 V3-Aria (May change dependent on generation)

Character Item: Katana

Hair Color: A very deep Scarlet

Outfit: Jet Black Jacket with Scarlet Trim 

Eye Color: Scarlet

Sings In: Japanese, Spanish (Mexico), and English

Vocal Range: TBA

Tempo Range: TBA

Recomended Genres: Club, House, Trance, Track, Dubstep, Drumstep, Anything Angelic Sounding, Metal, Religious, ETC.(Whatever connects Superdude Aria to your soul)

Release Conditions

Superdude Aria is confirmed to be developed and released soon for the V3 series but at a price.



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