(Japanese: とどろきたいが - Todoroki Taiga)

NAME INTERPRETATION: たいが - Taiga : Play on Ty and Tiger

とどろき - Todoroki : Roar


MODEL: TK01 - On his left arm.

GENDER Male Tiger VOICE RANGE C2-C4 (fresamp.exe recommended) RELATED CHARACTERS RACHEL: Friend
AGE 27 GENRE Pop, Rock, And anything in between. HOMEPAGE Not yet established
WEIGHT 149lbs CHARACTER ITEM Silver Bar CREATOR therandomgiraffe98
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 6feet 7inches VOICE SOURCE therandomgiraffe98 PICTURE LINK LIST not yet established
BIRTHDAY June 5th LIKES Silver, Anime, Japan, Alpacas, His tails. MEDIA LIST NYE
RELEASE DATE September 2012 DISLIKES Copper, Spain, Perriwinkle, Sports, Running SIGNATURE SONGS NYE
PERSONALITY: Taiga is a fun loving tiger who has a very colorful personality. He works out a lot, and says that he wants to keep himself healthy. He is not currently seeing anyone, but he is looking! He is American, but can also speak Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Mandarin. He works as a Game Designer. One day he wants to go to Russia and learn they're language. He absolutely loves staying up late and messing around on his computer. His favorite color is Silver. (More to be added later)

Voice Configuration

An English/Japanese VCV bank is in developement.

It consists of many different samples. Rocorded as pseudo vcv.


To be filled out later

Voicebank Data

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