Official TESloid Series

  1. 1- Vy Onnarashikoe
  1. 2- Karashi Katharsis
  1. 3- Ideka Techne
  1. 4- Rhapsody Fukaine*
  1. 5- Ruki (5A) and Rika (5B)**

  1. 6- Alice

  1. 7- Bijuaru KEITO**

  1. 8- Akira**

  1. 9- Okama-san***

  1. 10- Mami Akane*

  1. 11- JUNKO Inuoe*
  1. 12- Raewoon*
  1. 13- Bichang*
  • = * newest memebers
    • =** voiceless
      • = ***voiceless/new

Right now, Ideka, Vy, and JUNKO are the only ones with their voice banks up for download.

Karashi, Rhapsody, Alice, Akira, Mami Akane (she'll be released soon from what was published in Ideka's blog), and R and B are all WIPs for the moment, though Rhapsody's VB soon will be finished soon aswell.

As for Ruki/Rika, Okama-san, and KEITO...THEY NEED VOICES!!!

All of these UTAU's belong to WaterStyle77888 and xSaRaViix, please if you use any of please credit and send a link to them on YouTube :)

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