Tuneloid is a group of Utauloids created by Phinkee. Each members of this group should have a code imprinted "TX-(number)". TX means TUNEloid X,so every member of this group should have a tag like that. The Utauloids are originally Filipinos,but everyone can join here.Any Utauloids can join here, but if you would like to join here, email/PM Phinkee at:


Facebook: Phinkee Ü Pink

Twitter: @PhinkeeDee

DeviantArt: UTAUYukoYasashine Member are only limited to minimun of 5,and maximum of 8 members.


These are the list of members of TUNEloid:

Name of UTAULOID Code Number Nationality Creator
Yuko Yasashine TX - 01 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Yuu Yasashine TX - 02 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Inori Shukyone TX - 03 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Available TX - 04 ??
Available TX - 04 ??
Available TX - 05 ??
Available TX - 06 ??
Available TX - 07 ??
Available TX - 08 ??

Note: You are not allowed to edit this page. Only Phinkee can edit this page for adding/editing members.

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