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Tafune Kiira (タフ音 キーラ TAFUne Kiira), literally "Tough-sound Kiira", is the first UTAU in the PonyPokiPoids.


Name: TAFUne Kiira

Age: 14

Hair color: Brown with yellow and red streaks and blonde tips

Eye color: Gold

Clothing: Unique blue, red, and yellow dress-type outfit that's open in the front with shorts and Vocaloid sleeves

Model: PPP-001

Type: PonyPokiPoid

Likes: Video games, singing, being neat and organized

Dislikes: Haters/dislikers on YouTube

I have made the complete oto.ini for Kiira's ACT3 voicebank. ^-^


~Last Night, Good Night (act1)

~Happy Synthesizer (act1)

~Giggle At The Ghostly (from MLP) (act1)

~Ievan Polkka (act1)

~Tapioca No Uta (タピオカのうた) (act1)

~I'll Quit Singing (act1)

~Lost Woods (from Legend of Zelda) (act1)

~Juu-Mensou/Ten-Faced (act3)

~-ERROR (act3)

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