Tai Suki

Tai Suki (タ イ す き) is a Free Speech synthesizer UTAU.

Her voice provider is the musician and singer Ricardo Rodriguez ah belonged to different groups in Tijuana BC Mexico.

This comes from the idea UTAU Ayami-Chan (or Na). She would have the idea of ​​a project where original songs and Vocaloid Utaloid, chorus among other things would. Currently the project has the name Tamashi, with demos on your channel NicoNico

Although the project is Ayami (Na), the first bank voice that was made for this Tai was voiced by Ricardo Rodriguez to probrar quality. This was recorded in the A3 tone still a challenge to get a larger range. Thanks to computer use Professional quality is acceptable Tai.


Tai has a demo version recorded in low quality to differentiate what kind of microphone would best record. This demo still there and left as Tai Suki v1 for later re-recorded at Tai with APPEND TSV2 Code being a success this voice bank. This voicebank is currently the most used by the "Group Tamashi" for better voice quality and pronunciation than its predecessor.


As you might expect has a friendship with fellow Misha Utami which is the VB of Ayami (Na) (created a while after that Tai), plus getting along with other members of the Tamashi group which form part: Miku Hatsune, Gumi, Yohioloid, Misha Utami and TaiSuki. Still has good relationship with all other UTAU, since gives importance to his voice.


【初音ミク】 ODDS & ENDS- Ryo (supercell) Feat- Miku Hatsune,Gumi,Yohioloid,-UTAU- Misha Utami & Tai Suki

【初音ミク】 ODDS & ENDS- Ryo (supercell) Feat- Miku Hatsune,Gumi,Yohioloid,-UTAU- Misha Utami & Tai Suki

This is the first project of the group tamashi. Debut

Singers: Hatsune Miku, GUMI,YOHIOloid, Misha Utami and Tai Suki




  • love Japanese food
  • It's something distracted
  • It is not known to have relationship with Misha Utami
  • Likes Honey Works
  • Although the voicebank is using Tai Suki Tamashi Append credits put it in the vb v1
  • now working in vb language Spanish and English
  • Love the coke