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Taiji image

(Japanese: 藤郷 泰次 - ふじさと たいじ - Fujisato Taiji)
Wisteria Village (next great(Taiji) wisteria village (Fujisato))
TYPE: Jewelloid
MODEL: NJA-03 - ("NJA" is the author's first 3 initials, and the "J" also represents "Jewelloid", as the author's second name is a type of jewel. "03" is to signify it is the third UTAU tashaj4de has created.)



Tasha Jade (Neighbor)

Kue (Classmate)

Shian (Considered Acquiantance?)

Aru (Acquaintance)

AGE 16 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE Jewelloids blogspot
WEIGHT 125 lbs (57 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dagger CREATOR tashaj4de/NJAM
HEIGHT 5'11" (180 cm) VOICE SOURCE tashaj4de/NJAM PICTURE LINK LIST Concept Art, Deviantart
BIRTHDAY March 1, 2014 LIKES Video Games, Fighting games, Motorcycles, Swords MEDIA LIST Youtube, Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE UNKNOWN DISLIKES Annoying people (Tasha), Setsuna getting hurt, Puzzles, Strategy games, interacting with others, Being forced into doing something, Fangirls SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Taiji is seen as a person who's usually annoyed, due to being forced into things often by his neighbor (Tasha Jade). He's a rather simple person who, as much as possible, will stay at home playing Video games. He has an extremely blunt and somewhat monotone way of speaking, which some people tend to mistake for sarcasm. Because of his lack of (real life) social interaction, he's very awkward and usually quiet. However he's willing to give a helping hand, but will deny that he offered in the first place. This led some to believe that he is a bit of a Tsundere.

Supplemental Information

UTAU Taiji

*Currently the only artwork of him uploaded

Hair color: Black

Headgear: Earphones

Eye color: Light green

Earphones: Black

Dress/Outfit: Black turtle neck sweater, black jeans, red strap/suspender with a upside down eighth note symbol on the clip, white and black sneakers with red laces and a red t-shirt hoodie

Others: His ahoge (curl) is a bit noticeable right away

Nationality/Race: Filipino-Japanese

Voice Configuration

So far has been tested to sing under C4 and over C5.

Author has found that she cannot make his voice sound too high or to deep, because it would sound wrong to her then.

Author will continue testing out his vb along with Setsuna's to find the correct range and to find out what sounds right to her. Since the Author has difficulty using his voice, she may end up remaking him completely. Although she is currently unsure as she cannot do a low voice.

Usage Clause

Do NOT claim his voicebank as yours.

Do NOT edit or redistribute his voicebank.

Do NOT use him commercially.

Please give proper credit to tashaj4de when using Taiji Fujisato.

Please do not edit this wiki page without tashaj4de/NJAM's permission.  


UTAU Demo Matryoshka

Random UTAU Conversation 2 (This is a test of his voicebank before it was oto'd)



Random UTAU Conversation 3 (Author was playing around with the HANASU/Hanakago plugin at the time)

【UTAUカバー】イカサマ⇔カジノ【藤郷 泰次・Tasha Jade】

When UTAUs try to be spooky (Random UTAU convo 4)

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. Also, the author is still trying him out. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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