Reverse rainbow by Tait

The "Speedpaint" that introduced Tait's first song, "Reverse Rainbow"

Tait is a new Utauloid whose voicebank is not yet available for download. Her creator has no account on any website at the moment, but her friend, known as Neverominin on both DA and Youtube, has created and posted artwork and, in only one case so far, music for her.


Tait, to describe her in detail, has purple eyes, and brown hair, which is barely longer than shoulder length and has no bangs. Her headphones have a purple plaid pattern, and are lace ontop of her head. She wears a black shirt, with a purple plaid vest, a chain where many Utauloids and VOCALOIDS have a triangle-patterned belt, a black skirt with purple plaid lace, knee-length black leggings, black boots with purple plaid underneath the laces, and various items on her wrists.

Age: 14

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Personality: not happy, not quite depressed either

Character item: grape-flavored Pocky

Media list: Deviantart:


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