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Takara Akemi/Takapoid

Name Meaning: Takara (Treasure) Akemi (Brights and Beautiful)-Bright and Beutiful treasure



Gender: Female

Voice Range-  D#3-C#5

Voice Provider-Unknown

Language: Japanese/English (English only in v3)

Related Singers- None



Intended Genre- Pop/Rap/Electro

Weight- 63Kg (139 pounds)

Character Item-Gold Coins



Birthday-April,8th 1995

Release Date-October 12th,2006

Likes-The color yellow,coins,Company

Dislikes-Idiots, Brats, Breathy notes

Hair color-Golden

Eye color-Yellow

Headphones-Black with Golden sparkles

Dressed-Yellow tube top with A purple petty coat, Purple/Yellow striped skirt, Navy kneesocks and red converse

Barcode number: 0084

Most famous Cover- Her cover for Ura Omote Lovers.

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