Takigawa Hisoka

(Japanese: 滝川密か - たきがわひそか - Takigawa Hisoka)
滝川 (Takigawa) - Roughly translated into "rapid" or "waterfall"
密か (Hisoka) - Means "secretly", "hidden" or "surprisingly"
Combined together, this name means,"Secretly rapid", or "Hidden waterfall"

Narasu Hizumi (Friend, part of the SYNTH project)

Kanai Mizuki (Best friend, part of the SYNTH project)

Takigawa MiiKA (Twin sister/voice counterpart, part of the SYNTH project)

Ryuzaki Akatsuki (Rival; possible love interest, part of the SYNTH project)

Kekka-ron Myō (Friend, part of the SYNTH project)



CREATOR  shinobu

167 cm ('5'4")

VOICE SOURCE Adrienne Lund/shinobu PICTURE LINK LIST  shinobu's DeviantART
BIRTHDAY August 12, 2013 LIKES  Rock music, crumb cake, quiet places MEDIA LIST

shinobu's YouTube channel

shinobu's SoundCloud

RELEASE DATE February 26, 2014 DISLIKES Jazz, mornings, most sweets SIGNATURE SONG  HOPE
PERSONALITY: A very quiet and conserved girl, who seems to be the epitome of 'Kuuderes' according to her best friend Mizuki.  She doessn't like to speak unless spoken to, and is almost impossible to anger, but very easy to irritate.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red, though occasionally her right eye will turn Blue, normally when MiiKA is not around in order to keep track of her in case she wanders off.
Outfit: A black sleeveless top that cuts open just below her breasts, the right side jagging off while the left flows free.  On the jagged side is a set of teal blue stripes that wrap around to her back.  She wear a pair of black pants with a shiny skull for a belt buckle that has heart-shaped eyes.  Her pants have two rips on each pant leg, on her knee cap and her inner thigh, and she has a black bandenna with white hearts on it wrapped around her left leg just below her open knee cap.  Her shoes are black dress shoes with a white swirl design on the side of each.  She wears two gloves, one red and one blue, and a long scarf that cuts off into four sections that glows different shades of blue.

Favorite phrase: Watashi ni hanashi o shinaide kudasai. (私に話をしないでください。) "Please don't talk to me".

Voice Configuration


Hisoka has several appends under development right now, but her Normal bank is fully recorded and mostly oto'd to sing most songs, but she has all japanese phonetics in her bank.  Oto them as you wish:

  • NORMAL CV can be downloaded here:Download link  (NOTE: the beta for Hisoka's MELLOW append is within this bank.  Some of the samples are missing due to a computer crash, but feel free to mess around with it as you wish.)

Hisoka is a romaji bank with Hiragana aliases for both overseas and american users.

  • SOFT CV: under development
  • WHISPER CV: under development
  • MELLOW CV: under development
  • TEMPER CV: under development
  • POWER CV: under construction
  • SHOUT CV: under construction
  • SOLID CV: under construction
  • VIVID CV: under construction


Hisoka's VCV banks are being held off until all of her CV appends are taken care of.

Other Voicebank Information

There are plans to create a Powerscale, reverse Powerscale, multipich and several different language banks for Hisoka.  This includes Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, German and Thai, though some of these banks might be scrapped later on.  shinobu intends on creating appends for each of these language banks.

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