basic information

Takoneko is a Upcoming Utauloid by Jakku-D more information can be found on this website:

Character Design

Short brown hair

Black shirt

blue pants

white shoes

Race: Japanese cat-octopus-human

Extra character relations

Jakku Desusugoi:owner friend roomate

Makoto Sakamoto: Friend roomate

Keito Yamazaki:friend roomate

Stella Margatroid: Friend Roomate

Sally Scarlet:friend Roomate

Axel: friend roomate

Lightning:friend roomate

Strawberry sweet: friend roomate

Mikuru Asahina: waifu


Takoneko has a cat mother and octopus father and when he was born there parents was shocked to see that they had a human child, and so because of this takoneko was born with cat ears and tails and can grow tenacles from his back, and it also affected Takoneko in various others ways too including that now takoneko is a hermaphordite and is hyperexual pansexual. when his parents died Takoneko was sent to a animal shelter in America and was going be sent to death until a young boy Jakku Desusugoi Adopted him and currently his life with Jakku and his roomates in Japan. Takoneko is usally calm and collected but at times succumbs to his cat-like and or Peverted habits

Usage Clause

Do not create any thing slanderous to any group or person. do not repost UTAU's saying it is your own contact me for permission to post any download links.Do not edit utau or make non-canonical pitchloid characters. i am not responsible for any incidents that may occur while using this voicebank USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Jakku-D

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