Takumi Marone

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(Japanese: マロ-名 タクミ- Marone Takumi)

NAME INTERPRETATION: マロ-名 (Marone- Spring Sound) 

タクミ(Takumi- Artisan)

TYPE: DR-Drifter

MODEL: 01 - First and only known DR model in existance  






Tsux Namine (Half-Sister)

Alto Colony (Half-Brother)

Pierce (Best Friend)

Kyuuka Tairane (Love interest)

Akizuno Kazene (Brother)

Ao Yaiya (Half-Brother)

Kamui Gackupo (looks up to, wants to challenge to a duel)

Ai Yaiya (Half-Sister)



WEIGHT 155lbs (70.3 kg) CHARACTER ITEM

Hardcover copy of "War of the Worlds" by H.G Wells

Half of a Ring



DeviantArt Youtube

HEIGHT 6' (182.8 cm) VOICE SOURCE Neotemplarking2112 PICTURE LINK LIST

'Sept 13, 2011'(creation date)

Sept 21, 1992



Stargazing, Taffy, Reading, Swordplay, Writing 

RELEASE DATE April 28, 2013 DISLIKES Cowardice, Dishonesty, Vegetables, Spiders, Heights NOTABLE WORKS Song of an Eared Robot

Biographical Data: a young wanderer who travels the world in search of something that even he does not know of. Takumi is a gentle warrior who prefers to use his words instead of his weapons to fight, but will not hesitate to use his twin longswords DR-02 Black Rose and DR-03 New Moon to defend his friends and those in need. he is always seen carrying a hardcover copy of "The War of the Worlds" by H.G Wells and has a habit of reading it every chance he gets. Along his travels he meets a young girl named Tsux Namine, who turns out to be his half sister, and they quickly bond as any brother and sister would. his other closest friend is Pierce, a warrior whom Takumi formed an almost brotherly bond with and they constantly spar to keep their skills sharp. He runs into a woman named Kyuuka who holds the other half of the ring piece that Takumi always keeps in the pocket of his coat, and the two realize that their destinies aren't as seperate as they thought. He also discovers along the way that he has a true blood brother named Akizuno Kazene, as evidenced  by his bearing of the DR-02 marking, signifying him as the second Drifter model UTAU, which was believed to only belong to Takumi as the DR-01 model. Takumi would never say it to anyone out loud, but his greatest dream is to finally find a place to call home. He hopes to one day meet and challenge the VOCALOID Gackupo to an honorable duel between swordsman.

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Clothing: white button up shirt.dress pants, and tie (Japanese school uniform) underneath a black trenchcoat  

  • Head: black and white fedora and headset/earphone 
  • Shoes: black dress shoes 
  • Special: blue and gold colored module on left trenchcoat sleeve

Nationality: Japanese

Personal Quote: "i prefer not to fight, words are more powerful than any weapon"

Usage Clause:


Takumi's voice bank is private and not available to the general public, However he is open to singing duets or in a group with others

[COMMERCIAL USUAGE] Do not use Takumi for any form of commercial usage.

[POLITICAL/RELIGIOUS CONTENT] Do not use Takumi for anything that violates laws, or offends any type of group, race, or moral.

[MATURE CONTENT] It is strictly forbidden to use Takumi Marone for any form of sexual content/action. Any song that has either explicit language or controversial messages is also off-limits. Questions about Takumi's usage in terms of duets and choral pieces can be asked by contacting Neotemplarking2112 

All content and information on this page is made accurate and approved by Takumi Marone's creator, Neotemplarking2112. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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