Maybe I can help, I am a Filipino okay? Send me the Hiragana USTS and I will translate it. That maybe took to 15 minutes to finish. After her oto.ini finishes, I want my UTAU Shuchou will duet with her.

Whateverfankc 14:24, April 24, 2012 (UTC)

Well hello there fellow Pinoy!!!~

First off, I have successfully given Aliciané STRONG CV ACT 2 her hiragana aliases... so it wouldn't be necessary to have to translate an entire UST (though honestly I had my fair share of labored translating). Despite that though, thanks VERY MUCH for the willingness to translate them... I know it's pretty tiring and it makes me happy that you're willing to do that for Aliciané.

Unfortunately, my current problem is making the aliases seen in my download links... I tried posting her ACT 2 for downloads but when I try downloading it myself, the aliases wouldn't show in the oto config. settings... So I figured I won't post her CV ACT 2 just yet...

As for the duet, sure~ I'm so sorry I didn't notice this message earlier.. I haven't checked my email in ever... You see, I'm more active in youtube :D So maybe we can chat there? It would probably be easier for us...

AND yes. Let's help our UTAU's grow, ne? 16:48, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

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