(Japanese: 倒れた スター - Taoreta Sutā)

倒れた (Taoreta; fallen.)
スター (Suta; star.)

TYPE: Yuniloid
MODEL: Yuniloid-02 - The second Yuniloid.
GENDER Hermaphrodite (50% male, 50% female) (He considers himself to be male.) VOICE RANGE UNKNOWN RELATED CHARACTERS all other Yuniloids
Hatsune Miku (admires)
AGE 17 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Official Yuniloid Blog
WEIGHT 150 lbs/68.03 kg CHARACTER ITEM Watermelon CREATOR Yunikōn-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'9 ft/179.83 cm VOICE SOURCE Yunikōn-P PICTURE LINK LIST Art to be added.
BIRTHDAY July 1, 1996 LIKES Cosplaying, reading manga, fangirling, watermelon, watching anime, watching movies, being on the internet, nice people, good cosplayers, and pretty girls. MEDIA LIST To be added.
RELEASE DATE None yet. (Taoreta Suta is a WIP UTAUloid.) DISLIKES Anime-Haters, being off the internet, people who are mean, bullies, talking about his gender, being asked if he is a boy or a girl, flirting, dating, when guys think he's a girl, and having photos taken of him. SIGNATURE SONG None Yet.
PERSONALITY: He loves anime, manga and cosplaying. He highly reveres Zhiyu Moke. He's a major otaku, and his favorite food is watermelon. He doesn't like talking about his gender, and he's very self-conscious. He is funny and has an IQ slightly above average. He's good at math, but not much else. He gets flustered when people talk or ask about his gender, but he's usually very nice. He is more hyper around friends. He is an excellent cosplayers and anime artist. He also reveres VOCALOID Hatsune Miku for her diva status.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Black at the top, white at the bottom.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: He has Heterochromia (2 different colored eyes) The right eye is brown and the left is blue.
Earphones: black and white checkerboard pattern.
Dress: He wears a hoodie. The left half is black, the right half is white. He wears checkered shorts a bit above knee-length. His right boot is black, and his left is white. The left has a black sole, and the right one has a white sole. YL-02 is imprinted on the left side of his neck in green lettering. He doesn't wear girl's clothes, because he doesn't want to be mistaken as a girl. He cosplays both genders, however.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Human
Favorite phrase:  私は男の子です!(I'm a boy!)

Voice Configuration

He is planned to have 3 Voicebanks. These will be Male, Female, and Neutral. He is planned to have a strong but high pitched voice. His Voicebank contains mostly Japanese phonemes, but there are a few English phonemes in the bank.

Usage Clause

Usage clause will be distributed with Voicebank.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

The details seen on this page are certified true and correct by the UTAU's creator, Yunikōn-P.

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