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Tasha headshot for vb

(Japanese: タシャ ジャデ - たしゃ じゃで)
Jade - A stone used for "good luck" in Feng shui (Tasha Jade; also tashaj4de's nickname and second name)
TYPE: Jewelloid
MODEL: NJA-01 - ("NJA" is the author's first 3 initials, and the "J" also represents "Jewelloid", as the author's second name is a type of jewel. "01" is to indicate it is the first UTAU tashaj4de has created.)

Setsuna Rin (Friend)

KUE (Classmate)

Shian (Friend)

Aru (Friend(?))

AGE 16 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE Jewelloids blogspot
WEIGHT 122 lbs (55 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Eighth note necklace CREATOR tashaj4de (NJAM)
HEIGHT 5'2" (157 cm) VOICE SOURCE tashaj4de (NJAM) PICTURE LINK LIST Concept art, Deviantart,
BIRTHDAY October 26, 2010 LIKES Megurine Luka, Singing, Hoodies, Gyudon, Teasing people MEDIA LIST YoutubeSoundcloud
RELEASE DATE January 1, 2011 (Day of first release) DISLIKES Heights, Cooking (Unless she has to), trying her hair up SIGNATURE SONG トゥルー感情欠損
PERSONALITY: Tasha is someone who seems cheerful most of the time, and has a tendency to tease people when she can- she also likes changing her appearance a lot to fool others. Despite her outward "bubbly" appearance, she's actually very secretive- she doesn't like getting to close to others, although a part of her wants to. She tends to dodge most topics about her past, and any slip of it is because it's an emotional outburst or a vague mention. She also has an extreme fear of heights, for some reason.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark brown
Headgear: Violet-Black Headphones (Unseen in concept art, but when not doing anything has them around her neck)
Eye color: Violet
Earphones: Violet Earphones
Dress/Outfit: Purple sleeveless shirt, Dark blue jacket (sleeves are until her fingers), Eighth note necklace, Black jeans, Lavender doll shoes/ballerina shoes with strings/laces to make it resemble sneakers.
Others: Hair is usually loose and partially covering one eye, with one stray lock on the other side of her face. She is almost always seen wearing a jacket or hoodie.
Nationality/Race: Filipino

Voice Configuration

Tasha's voicebanks were recorded when tashaj4de was a beginner in using UTAU, in 2010. Currently she has yet to record a new VB for her (She has tried VCV but might scrap it) as tashaj4de's voice was quite different when she was younger.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

Usage Clause

Do NOT claim her voicebank as yours.

Do NOT edit or redistribute her voicebank.

Do NOT use her commercially.

Please give proper credit to tashaj4de when using Tasha Jade.

Please do not edit this wiki page without tashaj4de/NJAM's permission.

Media list

*Arranged from Oldest to Newest

Matryoshika - Toyo Aya & Tasha Jade


No, Thank you!

Daughter of White - Neko Kanochi, Niko Chane and Tasha Jade

(UTAU MMD) Tsukema Tsukeru

(UTAU MMV) Capriccio Farce

iNSaNiTY - Tasha Jade & Bakaneko

Playing with sad words

Boss Death - Tasha Jade & Yachin Suki

Mozaik Role

【UTAU】Ai Dee - Shizune Midori and Tasha Jade (PV ver)

【UTAU】Top Secret【Tasha Jade】

Romeo and Cinderella - Shizune Midori & Tasha Jade

【UTAU】ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル【Aru ft. Tasha Jade】

【UTAU】 アカツキアライヴァル 【Chii Miura & Tasha Jade】

【UTAU Chorus】paranoia【Aru, Bakaneko, Shizune Midori And Tasha Jade】

Random UTAU Conversation

【UTAU】 The Lost One's Weeping【Tasha Jade】

【UTAU】 RWBY - This Will Be The Day【Tasha Jade】

【UTAU】トゥルー感情欠損【Tasha Jade】


【UTAUloid】 My Favorite Vocaloid Medley II 【Various UTAU】

【UTAU】ハウトゥー世界征服【KUE ・ Tasha Jade】

[UTAU] イノコリ先生 - Detention Teacher [Tasha Jade ・ KUE]

【UTAUカバー】【Kazuki Kotone】+♂ ( PLUS BOY ) 【SILVER ・Tasha Jade ・Shian ・Mio Kotone】

【UTAUカバー】Kokoro X Kokoro・Kiseki【Kue・Tasha Jade (ft Shian・Aru)】

[UTAU] コノハの世界事情 [Tasha Jade・Aru]

Random UTAU Conversation 2

【UTAUカバー】Unravel (DJ-jo ver) 【Tasha Jade】

【UTAU Chorus】ヤンキーボーイ・ヤンキーガール

【UTAUカバー】Bang Bang【Kotone Mio・Shian・Tasha Jade】

【5 UTAUカバー】世界は恋に落ちている【Jen・Kjellberg・Mio・Kuroi・Tasha Jade】

CV vs. VCV comparison

【6 UTAUカバー】Party X Party【Kotone Mio・KUE・Raku Shouto・Setsuna Rin・Shian・Tasha Jade】

【UTAUカバー】イカサマ⇔カジノ【藤郷 泰次・Tasha Jade】

When UTAUs try to be spooky (Random UTAU Convo 4)

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