Haizome Tasuki

Japanese:灰染め たす黄 (Literally: Ash-Dyed Plus Yellow)

Gender Female Voice range A3 - A5
Age 17 Genre Rock, Pop, Dubstep etc
Weight 59 Kilos Character item Mango
Height 165 cm Voice source
Birthday 17th July 1998 Likes Singing, Yellow
Nationality Half Australian, half Japanese Dislikes Slow songs
Personality: Tasuki is a confident, outgoing girl that enjoys singing with her friends.

Sometimes she goes a little overboard with her emotions and it gets the better of

her. But, normally she is a bright and fun.

Appearance: Tasuki has long gray hair with a yellow highlight going down the

middle of her hair. It's all tied back into a pony tail with the yellow hair only loosely

tied with the rest of her hair. She has golden eyes and Caucasian skin. She wears a white

shirt with a large bow on her chest. Her shorts are black while her white and gold socks

extend to the top of her thighs.

Tasuki is yet to be drawn. If you would like to create her based on this description, email

the creator at:


Download: Coming soon

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