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Sukone: Healthy Sound

TEIRIN: A pun on Tei

TYPE: UTAUloid (Genderbender)




Age: 19-20 :)

Character item: UNDECIDED. It could be possible that it be similiar to Tei's cucumber and butcher knife :)

Weight: 120.4

Height:  5'15(due to Tei being 5'7)

Voice Source: TEI SUKONE

Birthday:  UNDECIDED. Probably close to Tei's

  • LIKES: UNDECIDED. Although, in some pictures he is seen always hold Aoine Misa's Hand. So he might like  Misa :) And since Tei has an obsessive crush on Len, then it is possible that Teirin could have an obsessive crush on Aoine Misa

DISLIKES: UNDECIDED. Misao Aoine,Mise Aoine, Anyone who's likes Aoine Misa

Note:He is the oldest of the Sukone Family.

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