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MMD And Utau HyoHyo★SuperFeverNight Tengoku Hyo03:27

MMD And Utau HyoHyo★SuperFeverNight Tengoku Hyo

Anime Girl Sunhat base by ArT cHiCk95

Tengoku Hyo

First Name:Tengoku (Meaning Heaven)

Last Name:Hyo (Meaning Leopard

TYPE: Cheetahloid

Tengoku is a custom made Utauloid

GENDER: Female


Utshi Utskii- Friend

Desho Hiruni- Friend

Aki atari- Friend

Michi Yuko-Friend

Tengoko Hyo- Male counterpart

Okami Koinu-Grandson

Supaka hanashi-Friend

Tesune Rizu-Daughter

Kimyona Hikari-Daughter In Law

Koi Machi-Friend

Tasha Hari-Neighbor

AGE: 52 years


WEIGHT: 110 lb


CREATOR: MikuMikuCheetah

VOICED BY: Josie Fabos

HEIGHT: 5.3 ft

BIRTHDAY: February 28th

LIKES: Art,Farming And Singing



SIGNATURE SONG: Hyo Hyo Super fever Night

PERSONALITY: Tengoku Talks Weird sometimes but she can be a great family member because she will cook and clean for her family so she is very giving.

Plese go to this youtube channel to veiw videos by Tengoku hyo:

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Light Blueish Cyan

Eye color: Light Blue

Clothing: A long Blue dress with a brown farm hat 

Hair Style: Bangs That go down both sides of her face and long frizzy hair that reaces the floor

Nationality/Race: Picachu And A Human

CatchPhrase: Oh Heavens

Favorite Phrase: Oh My My

Fun factsEdit

Tengoku is very giving to her family

She likes to sing but not all the time

She Hates mess

tengokus voice bank is very choppy because of how her voice provider recorded her letters

Usage ClauseEdit

you CAN edit her BUT only to fix her Phisics (MMD model)

You CAN'T redistributte

You CAN'T claim as your own

You CAN make another (Ex. tda Append, Onepeice, TDA) model with my permission

you CAn make art of Tengoku hyo

You CAN have fun with Tengoku hyo

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