Aria by Tenshi

A drawing of Tenshi. The making of was turned into a "Speedpaint" and posted on youtube along with her cover of Aria.

Tenshi karamiau

First appearance of Tenshi on Deviantart

Tenshi Karamiau

Tenshi is a new Utauloid that has no voicebank downloads as of yet. Her creator, known as Neverominin in both Youtube and Deviantart, voiced her. Her voicebank is incomplete, as it has no notes starting with "F" or "J." She only has one song, a cover of ARiA, originally by Miku Hatsune. Tenshi is, in short, described as blue because of Neverominin's complete obsession with the color blue. The only color on her that isn't blue is her skin, for obvious reasons.


To describe Tenshi in more detail, She has very light skin, light blue hair, and gradient blue eyes. She has 8 bright blue rings that float somehow on her wrists, ankles, and on her ever-present ribbons she has tied in her hair. Her usual costume consists of dark blue ribbons, white headphones, a triangle patterned belt, light blue shirt and wrist/ankle covers, darker blue tie, shoes and shorts, and navy blue ribbons andskirt.

Age: 16

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Personality: emotionless

range: all

character item: ring

Media list: Deviantart:


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