Character Information
Name: Thresh 
Age: 15
D.O.B.: October 13
Release date:May 25, 2013
Gender: Male

Height: 5'4" ft.

Weight: 98 lbs.
Creator: AcesBlitz
Voice Provider: AcesBlitz
UTAU Type:Shouganai-loid
Model: N/A
Nationality: American/Japanese
Skin Color: White

Species: Human

Personality: Shy, self-concious, oblivious,  depressed, sensitive, emotional, moe, innocent, sweet, loving

Likes: Being around the people he loves, collecting broken computers, cute things, boys, yaoi.

Dislikes: main stream, people, , when his master uses other UTAU, his singing voice, when people ignore him, being told that everybody hates him, being told to stop singing,
Story: His voice was meant to belong to Furiri Resu but the voice when put into the program came out sounding too bad to possibly be Resu so Thresh was created as a failure aswell as a digrace. Thresh's master had already finished the whole voice bank and didn't want to waste hard work so she slapped a new name on the voice and Thresh was created. 

Voice Information

This voicebank is romaji with hiragana aliases. It is CV only. This voicebank currently is in ACT1 and has an OTO.ini. It is only capable of singing in Japanese (or Engrish)

The nature of the voice is very airy, raspy and stratchy. 

UTAU Necomer i don't care who, BUT SOMEBODY PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME! Thresh01:10

UTAU Necomer i don't care who, BUT SOMEBODY PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME! Thresh

Thresh's release

VB Download ACT1

Rules for Usage

This voicebank is free to use as long as you follow these rules:

1. Do NOT claim voicebank as your own.

2. Do NOT use in innapropriate way (such as bashing religion, bashing government, extremely sexual or gorey content) Unless aproved by creator

3. Do NOT redistribute or re-upload voice bank unless granted permission by creator.

4. You MAY edit/improve voicebank to your liking as long as it is in a POSITIVE way and you do NOT claim it as your own or make a new character from it.

5. Even though this character DOES have a personality, it DOES NOT mean that you are limited by it.

6. This character DOES NOT have an official appearance/personality so you MAY draw it however you may like OR follow the ones set by the creator.

7.On any peice of work that this voicebank is used in, credit AcesBlitz (optional)

8. Enjoy using the VoiceBank!

To contact the creator, PM AcesBlitz on the UTAU wiki or YouTube. 

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