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Tonyu Tasamuki Fullbody 2.0 Drawn By Myst

This is Tonyu Tasamukis offical design! Drawn by Myst.

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                       Tonyu Tasamuki     とにゅ たさき   UtauカバーVocal  

Tonyu on piano by KuroKitsuSan.

This is Tonyu drawn playing the piano! drawn my KuroKitsuSan.




Voicebanks(VCV/CV Act 2 most current voicebank!) (Act 1VCV Out dated) 

Type: Robot / Vocal Synthesizer.

Model Number: 101 (Blue glowing ink on the top of hes right arm)

Gender    Male...? Vocal Range                      C3-C5

Related Characters


Age   Unknown GENRE

  Pop, Rock, Electronic,  Metal.  (Can be  configured  and tuned to        fit most  genres.) 



Weight     5 tons Character Item  Steel Hammer (Hammers  were  his  only toy he could  play with as a  child) CREATOR


Height   5'0 Feet Voice Source


Optimal Resampler and Flags      TIPS  Resampler  with  flags  "Y0H0G0"


July 24th                            


Singing, drawing, dancing,  performing, relaxing, electricity  (because he's a robot)

Media Listing



 Release Date

July 24th      2012


Water, loud noises, bad mixing, slow  computers. failing at tasks, Viruses,  Ignorance

"Smile for   the camera!"


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Personality: Childish, Devoted, Intelligent, Robotic.

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Half Body By KuroKitsuSan

Drawn by KuroKitsuSan

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