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Sani (by MamaItaliaDoitsu)

Name: Sani Torikana

Age: 15

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 98 lbs

Gender: female

Sexuality: bi

Eye color: green

Hair color: maroon

Clothing style: pastel gothic

Favorite food: tea cakes (scones)

favorite color: magenta

likes: anime, friends, and painting

dislikes: gossip and bugs

character item: antique fan

Race (as in magic creature or just human): Fairy (fire elemental)

Personality type: Little sister-type/gentle

[Relationship wise]


Men: Brave, hard to get, romantic, daring

Woman: Playful, Sweet, loving

Dislikes: Gossip and Liars

Men: cockiness, overly blunt, insensitive

Women: open gossip, cling, attention whores

Short description of character: Sani is happy-go lucky and a free spirited girl. She loves to hang with her friends and has a big heart. All she wants in life is to make her friends happy. If she cannot, she feels like a complete failure and becomes immsenly upset. She can come off as quite innocent but knows more than one would think. She puts on a good facade whenever she is upset and hates when people try to pry into personal business.

Best Friends: Kewo Nai

Idol: Fukitsuma Ongaku

Love interest: Kurokyoama Haruyami

Voicebank download:

voice by: Nikki-Chan (YouTube)

edited by: MamaItaliaDoitsu (Youtube)

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